Osho Satsang – A Twin Robe Gathering

Osho Satsang has two parts:

Part1: Kundalini Meditation(in Maroon Robe)

Kundalini Meditation helps your energy to flow and to be transformed into bliss and joy.

By being fully immersed in the shaking and free flowing movements in the first two stages, you ‘melt’ any blocks in your body and being, bringing a liquid flow to places where your energy feels blocked.

The last two stages are there to move your energy upwards into silence – meditation.

Part2: Communion With OSHO(in White Robe)

Osho says, “That which cannot be said has to be experienced. This is a great experience of getting into the inner space. Something is experienced in this gathering which no one has been able to define.”

Before leaving the body Osho said that he would be available to commune with his lovers at 7pm.

Satsang would start with High Energy Music to sway and dance to invoke the presence of the Master.

We will play a short video/discourse of Osho followed by Gibberish/Dancing.

*One of the facilitators from the panel- Ashwin, Leela, Laveesh and Tanmay will lead the session.


5:00 pm- Kundalini Meditation

6:40 pm- Osho Satsang

7:30 pm- Dinner

Facilitators Panel: 

Ashwin Bharti became a disciple of Osho in 1977 and is an ambassador of Osho’s vision.

From being a successful businessman, he became a philanthropist and started helping himself & others in their spiritual journey.

Being a channel for Osho’s energy, Ashwin created Zorba the Buddha, one of the world’s largest open faith spiritual centre and cultural hub.

Over the years, he has received transmissions from various teachers in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Taoism, Shamanism, Tibetan Pulsing, Osho meditative therapies, meditations, breathwork, bodywork, biodanza, contact improvisation, art, music, and aesthetics.

Swami Prem Tanmay An innocent search brought Swami Prem Tanmay to the feet of his Guru Osho. When one of his friends introduced him to Osho magazine, he was overwhelmed by the words of the master as Each word touched his heart and he knew he has found his master.

Osho books and his master’s voice became his life before his initiation to Sanyas by Swami Deva Naman on 29th February 2004, at Oshodaham, New Delhi.

Ever since he has been meditating and spreading the fragrance of meditation in his neighbourhood. For some time he lived And worked at Osho ashram in Pune. An entrepreneur by profession, he facilitates meditation camps regularly while he himself Continues to travel the path of life in love, silence and gratitude.

Leela is a seeker, a Osho sanyasin and a Hatha yoga teacher. She left her corporate life in seeking inner self. Spending years in consecrated space of ISHA and learning the art of yoga and inner energy processes.

Later she received life’s teachings through world of OSHO which made her open her heart and life to teachings of her Master.


Laveesh takes you on a delightful journey of simply being with yourself and existence, as you immerse yourself in Osho’s meditations.

His in depth knowledge in Nature and its beauty will drive you to sway in the beats of spirituality.

He is a keen lover of nature and an environmentalist and brings the same joy and spontaneity of nature’s wonders to his sessions.


*Please note one of the above facilitators will be leading the session.


*3 Student, Artist, Need-Based Scholarships available.

* Pass (for 4 OSHO Satsang or Laughter Saturday): 2000 INR

* Pass Scholarship (for 4 OSHO Satsang or Laughter Saturday): 1200 INR

 (4 Passes valid for a Span of 3 Months)

Date & Time: 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th October 2019 (5:00 PM – 7:30 PM)

Contribution: 1000 INR

Contact:  Sonali

Phone: +91 9311131096

Email: joy@zorbathebuddha.org

Please call between 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST

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