Osho Fest – Meditate & Celebrate

You will learn 5 powerful techniques that you can practice to enhance your life with more peace, joy and love.

Join us for the“Osho Festival: a gratitude to the enlightened master”, from 3rd – 7th February, 2021  by International teachers from all over the world.


Naadbramha, Sound of the UniverseAshwin Bharti

Vibrational healing for centering our emotions and bringing more peace and silence


UnioMystica – Sacred Feminine & Divine Masculine – Shanti Garcia

Gain trust and harmonize relationships by understanding the male and female energies inside us


Inspirational Breathwork – emotional release and Joy –Demet Prem Aloka

Increase Energy levels by releasing the accumulated stress, fear and uncertainty


Shiva Sutra- Reach the center of your Being – Abhika – Liza Martin

Learn to be centered where our life energy resides and experience true bliss and ecstasy.


Biodanza – The Dance of Life –Siddharta -Hubertus 

A  unique combination of music and movement with emotions to give us the experience of vitality, creativity & joy.

Key Offerings









Naadbramha- Sound of the Universe


I will be presenting Osho Naadbramha meditation which is derived from an ancient Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Naadbramha is one of my most favourite meditations which brought me on the path of daily meditative practice.

The mind goes on its way and the body continues on its own in different directions.

As they both go on separate pathways it creates a split.

We will use a humming sound to bring harmony between body and mind .

If done rightly our whole body and mind become tremendously vibrant and they both fall in-tune.

We are neither the body nor the mind. We are a third element in reality . We can name it soul, spirit,’ atma’, anything.

During humming, sooner or later a moment comes when the body and the mind are both together in one direction for the first time.

When this happens, we are free from the body and the mind. 

We are at ease because we are not torn apart by getting pulled in different directions.

The body and the mind are so much engrossed in humming that the soul can become a witness to the whole game that is going on between the two.

When this happens, it is tremendously peaceful, silent and blissful.







UnioMystica – Sacred Feminine & Divine Masculine


Shiv-Shakti Sutras ask to open oneself for the natural meeting of one’s female and male energies.

There we will find great joy and inner harmony. A new dimension of relating to others and oneself will come into our existence.

Man and woman are a mystery to each other! They have forgotten to rejoice in this mystery.

Here we learn to open into this unknown world.  We learn to see the opposite gender reflecting our male or female energy.

We learn to see the other being a mirror to us. Through the other we learn about ourselves.


  • Find great harmony in relationships by knowing the secrets of harmonizing our male and female energies
  • Our breathing will deepen tremendously
  • Our trust increases in ourselves
  • Our life will be enhanced by much more creativity
  • In the mystic union of the female and the male energies we become a wiser man and a wiser woman






Inspirational Breathwork – Emotional release and Joy


The participants will be guided through a specific Self-Alignment process called INSPIRATIONAL BREATHWORK Modality. This is done by using Conscious Diaphragmatic Breath Pattern.

Through the workshop, your breath will be opened, connected and activated to restore your natural breath. This will give you more health, vitality and balance in your body.

The high vibration energy of the oxygen together with the Inspirational Breathwork pattern will raise your Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) to a very high level. This will clean your subconscious mind from echoes of the past.

Negative thoughts and suppressed emotions are transformed to their natural and positive state, with more joy, love and an overall sense of well-being.


  • Releases your accumulated stress, fear and uncertainty
  • Increased Energy levels
  • Boosts your immune system by conscious connected diaphragm breathing
  • It has anti-aging and rejuvenating effects
  • Helps in healing relationships
  • Emotional: Peace and comfort with one’s self and others
  • Mental: Helps with clarity and intent creation
  • Spiritual: Helps in awareness and oneness






Shiva Sutra- Reach the center of your Being


Head, heart and navel are three centres. The navel is the given center –the original. Heart can be developed and the head is automatically built due to intellect and survival reasons.

When a child is born he is rooted in a particular spot, a particular chakra center and that is the navel. But over the years he drifts away from this center as he gets more centered in the mind and the heart.

The center of the heart is in Feeling. The center of the head is in Knowing. The heart and the head are peripheral centres not the main center. They are false centres.

The center of a man’s life energy is the navel. It is the center of the Being.

This meditation is about how to get centered back in the navel, in our Being.

The mind is always working in the future; the heart is always in the here and now.

When we let all our senses be joined to the heart & not to the head, we feel that every sense goes into the heart and dissolves in it.

The heart becomes the lotus. Every sense touching the heart is opening the lotus like unfolding each of its petals.

When the above is accomplished only then will our senses begin to help us.

From the heart, the door is opened toward the navel. It is difficult to go to the navel center if you are in your head center and not the heart.

This lotus of the heart gives us a centering making it easy to fall down into the navel center.

Once you are absorbed in the navel, you are in the basic one — the original.

And true Bliss is experienced only when you are centered in the Navel.






Biodanza – Dance of Life


Biodanza is a beautiful combination of joy, movement, vitality, creativity, emotions, feelings and boundaries.

It gives us the experience of “the joy of life”. A lot of rhythm and music will accompany us through this workshop.

The Biodanza system is based on the unique combination of music, movement and feeling. 

In this practice, playfulness and sensitivity touches us both inside and outside of our bodies.

The guided exercises with suitable music will help to truly enjoy the here and now.

There are no predetermined movement patterns or patterns of behaviour. Previous experience in this practice is therefore not necessary.

Participantsenjoy their own approach to rhythms and melodies accompanied by the exercises that can change their lives.

Biodanza helps in opening to self and others while keeping the boundaries.

A workshop for joy, clarity, love, self-awareness and healthy boundaries.


Biodanza is in here and now
Live Intensely, Live Totally

Here and now.

Paradise is not some place,


It is a peace within you.

Our Facilitators & Healers









Ashwin Bharti Bio 

Ashwin lives Osho, celebrates Osho and breathes Osho. Being an ambassador of Osho’s vision he started helping himself & others in their spiritual journey. 

He is the founder director of Zorba the Buddha; one of the largest open faith spiritual centers in the world hosting around 400 programs a year.

Ashwin lives the reality that transformation of the society starts with oneself. His work keeps meditation as a base which encompasses breathwork, Osho active meditations, awareness building, third eye sensitization, chakra balancing, kundalini activation, darkness meditation, shamanic work, white robe and Osho Initiation Ceremonies, social gibberish, laughter yoga, meditative therapies, Sufi practices, Shiva Sutras and Lao-tzu’s work.

Ashwin brilliantly brings child-like innocence, fun and laughter to his workshops. His intensity helps people to expand their limits to take a leap into the unknown. Ashwin’s transmissions are delightful, transformational and blissful. He follows the principle that “one who meditates, his transformation is guaranteed”.

He lives the life of Zorba the Buddha, one who celebrates and meditates. One experiences this rare energy at Zorba the Buddha center.

Ashwin’s vision is Satyam- Truth, Shivam- Goodness &Sundaram- Beauty.









Shanti Garcia Bio

Shanti  Garcia has studied communication sciences at the Universidad in Mexico City

In the end of the 80’s she discovered the path of meditation, which then became the centre of her life. Shanti learned and practiced Zen meditation intensely for seven years before she discovered the “Osho Way“ of active meditation.

Shanti is educated in the work of Gurdjieff, the Fourth Way, Jungian Dream analysis, Psychic Massage Energy work and Osho therapy with specialization in Osho Diamond Breathwork.

She is part of the Osho Diamond Breath international team of therapists

Since 1997 she facilitates trainings, groups and individual work. Shanti is a leader of the Osho Diamond Breath Trainings team.









Liza Martin Bio 

Traveling and meeting masters from different parts of the world Liza Martin has been deepening various meditation and mindfulness practices over the past 20 years.

From 2000 to 2006 she was in the Osho Ashram in Pune (India) where she studied Osho meditation techniques and obtained the Osho Therapist certification.

Liza specializes in couples relationship, Family Constellations and Trauma Healing and conducts groups and seminars in various countries.

She also has a degree in economics and run her own publishing business. She is the mother of a 16-year-old daughter.

She integrates the practice of meditation and awareness in her daily life as a modern woman and a mother.









Demet Prem Aloka Bio

DemetAloka is a Senior Trainer of conscious diaphragmatic breathing Modality called Inspirational Breathwork and Recoding Healing System Healer.  As a genuine seeker of true self, she started her self-inquiry in 1997 and has since explored into several different modalities.

For Aloka, both breathwork and Recoding Healing system is a high energy gate to open up into the possibilities of change and transformation with awareness and nconditional love. Now she enjoys sharing this huge potential with the whole world.

Demet lives in Turkey and keeps visiting India every year. She is initiated into Osho’s vision and work. Surrendering the divine flow that has led her to this point in life, Aloka always shares her experiences with others joyfully and lovingly with a big smile.







Siddharta-Hubertus Bio

Siddharta-Hubertus is a qualified Biodanza-Facilitator as well as a trainer/coach.

18 years ago, he discovered the way of biocentric life and biocentric management, which consequently changed his life completely.

He quit his executive position at Siemens and since then he has been working on bringing the knowledge of biocentric life to the world.

He teaches his methods in such a way that helps people to discover their own potential and to learn how to live with empathy.

He teaches in Europe, India and China. He got initiated into Osho’s vision in India in 2019.

“Biodanza in Nature” and “Biodanza in Organizations” are some of his special fields. 

Siddharta-Hubertus transfers in his seminars a vital experience, courage, love and enthusiasm.

The main focus of his human work is always to enjoy the intensely experienced moment in the here and now.

Celebrate and Meditate – Osho Festival, 3rd – 7th February 2021, from 6-8 pm each day for 5 days.


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