Osho – the master of masters, a modern day mystic whose wisdom, rebellious spirit and humor has transformed the lives of millions around the globe. His teachings liberated people from the shackles of religion and conformity. Osho coined the concept of a new man – Zorba the Buddha, one who celebrates and meditates.

Osho’s teachings are an amalgamation of the healing arts of the East and modern therapies of the West. This festival, a gratitude to the enlightened master, will give us a taste of his work: Tantra, Zen, Sufism, esoteric sciences, and centering techniques, breathwork, yoga, biodanza, heart dance, and many Osho active meditations. You will also have the opportunity to get one-on-one sessions with the healers and therapists. The evenings will be blessed by Osho’s discourse in the White Robe gathering. After dinner, there will be musical and dance performances, talent show, closing party or special night meditations.

Come let’s live Osho’s vision… And in spirit, meditate with the Buddha, dance with Krishna and celebrate with Rumi!


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AUM – Awareness, Understanding, Meditation – is an Osho Humanversity practice that takes you through 14 aspects of the human experience using movement, role play and voice in a safe environment. This process takes you from negative to positive, anger to love, catharsis to stillness, finally bringing you back into your centre.

Get ready to shake the stress and the distress away as you reclaim the joy of being alive!

All of Osho’s active meditations involve a beginning stage of activity — sometimes intense and physical — followed by a period of silence. All are accompanied by music that has been specially composed to guide the meditator through the different stages. Osho has also recommended different meditations for different times of the day.

Osho’s scientifically-designed methods are active in nature and pave the way for inner transformation. We will explore power-packed practices like Dynamic, Nataraj, Gourishankar, Naadbrahma, and Mandala in this festival!

Gurdjieff Movement – An Experience of Meditation through the Movement.. Exploring within while being in the movement.. who is dancing? going deeper.. connecting within… and feeling the expansion of awareness through Gurdjieff dances.. being aware of different centers… physical, intellectual and emotional.. just being in the moment .. here and now.. when nothing exists only this moment… these dances helps us to come back again and again in the present moment.. and in that present moment one can meet the real “I” … The True Self…

Zikr – Remembrance of divine.. Breathing, chanting, dancing, let the energy flow..with each breath remembering the self…and with the self-remembrance experiencing the true self….the divine within…..Huuuuu

Whirling – Sufi whirling is a form of Sama or physically active meditation which originated among Sufis, and which is still practiced by the Sufi Dervishes of the Mevlevi order.

1.5 Hours of energetic stretching and acupressure Massage and Sound Healing with singing bowls, duduk, bansuri and calimbus.

Very special and effective for cleansing from negative emotions and for deep relaxation of the mind.

Osho says that playfulness, singing, dancing & being non-seriousness is my teaching. All the religions of the world have made religion as a serious affair that is why so-called saints looks so gloomy, sad & without any juice in life. True religiousness is like a flowering in our life. It is like a dance & with laughter, it is crippled. There are few Zen monasteries where all the monks start their day with a laughter & end the day again with laughter. Laughing has also been suppressed by the society. Laughter has many health benefits as well like it improves your immune system, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol levels & releases endorphins in the blood that triggers the feel-good factor. This meditation will give you the opportunity to explore the childlike quality within us, help us to connect with the mother earth & experience the joyful dance. This meditation can be done anytime during the day & is supported by the specific audio recording of OSHO Laughter Meditation music.

Friendship is the highest form of love – Osho Friendship – the highest of relationships – is the most non-possessive way of relating to another person. But often, due to expectations and our own closed heart, we tend to limit our circle of friends. In this meditation, we nurture the quality of friendliness within us to taste the joy of connecting and celebrating with others. This meditation will help us to connect with people from all walks of life and develop the art of relating in a fun way. Through group dance, sharing, affirmations & let go exercises we will realize that we can be open and friendly with more people around. Thus, making our lives richer and happier.

Love Meditation is a social meditation which will guide you to dance, meet people and express yourself. When you say yes to love, your life changes on its own. This meditation uses gentle exercises, singing, dancing and hugging to take you on a journey that will melt your soul and open your heart. The love meditation is a great space to open yourself and experience the love energy available to us all. When you come from your heart, you allow the unexpected, you give space, you live adventurously and life becomes colorful. Your heart is pulsating, you feel alive. Only when you start to open your heart can you feel the compassion, compassion is a function of love. When you love, you feel the other, embrace them, and let them be who they are. Feeling and being present is the power of love!

This meditation will truly help you to taste playful innocence of childhood by transforming your energies to tune in with the vibrations of dancing and celebrating the world around you.

The meditation is a process that takes place for three hours. For the first hour, the facilitator will prepare the participants for intensive spiritual experience through pre-work activities. Then, the participants take the space and freedom to behave as children for the second hour. For the third hour, they will sit in complete silence doing nothing.

In the end, you will be really alive again by putting aside knowledge, seriousness and a sense of past. You will have the eyes of a child, the senses of a child — young, vibrating with life — the whole of life vibrates with you.
This meditation takes you to the child that you are.

In the sessions Naida will combine Reiki, gentle touch based on relaxing and linfatic massage, meridians activation and sound healing to carry you in a soft journey, embracing yourself with care, harmonizing and aligning your bodies.


– Remove stress and tensions                          – Strengthen immunity

– Rejuvenate and detoxify                                – Unblock and balance the energy flow

                                                      – Improve circulation                                       – Increase well-being

It’s a gentle and effective energy transmission, that works deeply and effectively. Through the connection with the light body, the emotional and physical bodies will be affected and healed. Reiki, aromatherapy, sound therapy and channeling will be used to expand the communication with the Divine within


– Relax deeply mind and body                           – Unblock and balance the energy flow                     

                                                      – Deepen the connection with the Source           – Increase well-being

                                                      – Strengthen the immune system                       – Improve sleep                             

                                                      – Release emotions

Ma Nidhi ( aum, counselling as a healer )

Ma Nidhi embarked on her spiritual journey as a scholar. She holds a Ph.D. degree from Delhi University in Osho’s vision of Education for new man. Soon she realized that what Osho expounded cannot be restricted to a thesis. She became a sanyasin and totally soaked herself into experiencing every aspect of Osho phenomenon. It soon started flowing through her. She has conducted numerous seminars and conferences on Osho’s vision. She has been facilitating many workshops all over India on subjects like emotional wellness, dance therapy, conscious parenting, couple meditation and life skills etc.

Gyan Nirupam 

Nirupam an Osho sanyasin on the path of meditation last 30 years … last 13 years is sharing the meditation experience with the friends on the path… leading sufi retreats, Gurdjieff movements workshops, and self-inquiry intensives ( who is in)  have been travelling to different parts of the globe.. like China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Spain, Iran, Kenya, Greece, India, and sharing the meditation experience.

Ma Prem Bhakti

Ma Bhakti, a certified clinical hypnotist, began her spiritual journey in 1997 when she was introduced to Osho by a dear friend. She felt an instant connection with the Master and since then, there has been no looking back for her. Bhakti continues to do many of Osho active meditations which have helped her transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. She is a trained teacher in Cranio-sacral Balancing, Hypnotherapy and Yoga. Over the years, she has attended various courses such as Tibetan Pulsing, Tantra and Feminine energy work.

Swami Anand Kulbhushan

Over 45 years ago, Swami Anand Kulbhushan started on his spiritual safari with whirling. Since then, he has been into whirling as he learned about the great Sufi masters from Osho. In his travels to over 50 countries, he visited Iran, Egypt, Turkey and the Sudan where he witnessed Sufism in action. He has conducted numerous Sufi meditation camps with an enthusiastic response.

Swami Prem Vartan

An athlete at heart, Swami Prem Vartan was swept away by the love and grace of the master when attended his first Osho meditation camp in 1990. During this camp itself, his love for the master culminated in the eternal love affair as a disciple with his initiation into neo sannyas. Since then, he has been practicing the meditation techniques given by Osho regularly and is absolutely in love with Dynamic and Mandala meditations and White Robe brotherhood. He lived in Osho Ashram in Pune and participated in many groups, therapies and meditation sessions and worked as caretaker of the Osho Teerth Park.

Swami Vartan traveled to Dehradun and spent four years meditating in Osho Om Bodhisattva commune, Dehradun and at the Osho valley in Hathiyari before he started to facilitate meditation camps all over the country since 2000. He has also been facilitating groups like No – Mind and Born Again.

Professionally, Swami Vartan has done advanced study in Naturopathy and Yoga science from Punjab University, Chandigarh and has also completed Original point therapy from Taiwan.

15934695_10154287278230765_1655863502_nAshwin Bharti

Ashwin Bharti became a disciple of Osho in 1977 and is an ambassador of Osho’s vision. From being a successful businessman, he became a philanthropist and started helping himself & others in their spiritual journey. Being a channel for Osho’s energy, Ashwin created Zorba the Buddha, one of the world’s largest open faith spiritual centre and cultural hub. Over the years, he has received transmissions from various teachers in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Taoism, Shamanism, Tibetan Pulsing, Osho meditative therapies, meditations, breathwork, bodywork, biodanza, contact improvisation, art, music and aesthetics.

Ma Dhyanmukta
International AUM Leader, trained at Humaniversity, The Netherlands.

Dr. Mukta is a qualified Homoeopathic doctor by profession. She was introduced to Osho in 1992 and she took Sanyas in 1998. She has regularly been practicing meditation and spreading the fragrance of Osho through her. Thousands of people have been introduced by her to Osho in India and abroad. She is also a Reiki Master and a qualified Relationship Consultant. She has greatly influenced the lives of most of the people who have come in touch with her.

Swami Prem Tanmay

Swami Prem Tanmay An innocent search brought Swami Prem Tanmay to the feet of his Guru Osho. When one of his friends introduced him to Osho magazine, he was overwhelmed by the words of the master as Each word touched his heart and he knew he has found his master. Osho books and his master’s voice became his life before his initiation to Sanyas by Swami Deva Naman on 29th February 2004, at Oshodaham, New Delhi. Ever since he has been meditating and spreading the fragrance of meditation in his neighbourhood. For some time he lived And worked at Osho ashram in Pune. An entrepreneur by profession, he facilitates meditation camps at Oshodhams regularly while he himself Continues to travel the path of life in love, silence and gratitude.

samyaDhyan Samya

Samya is yoga practitioner and certified yoga therapist, a reflexologist and naturopath. She practices Osho meditations, Tibetan pulsing and tantra for couples. Samya has traveled across the world to learn different techniques of massage. Her expertise lies in bodywork, which is a deep tissue massage with body aligning stretches. The process includes other forms of energy work as per the need of the moment and person. Though the work is quite deep at the physical level, it also intensely relaxing on a mental level and balancing at an energetic level. Samya absolutely in love with her body yearns to share ways how to befriend our bodies.


Taruna was born and brought up in Delhi, in a yogic family. At a tender

age, she started helping her mother who runs a renowned Naturopathy

centre in Delhi and gained insight into the world of Naturopathy, Yoga and

Acupressure. Later she went on to train in them. She completed her Reiki training both in Level 1 & 2 in 1996 and became a Reiki grand master in few months. She has facilitated many workshops, trainings and has been offering regular Reiki healing sessions for over 16 years. Through the years, She has learnt and grown with her clients. Her clients have reported feeling lighter and positive after a session.

She earned her degree in Naturopathy from International Foundation of Natural Health Camp; Yoga in the year 2011, and was trained in Acupressure from Acupressure Shodh, Prashikshan Evam Upchar Sansthan in the year 2000, and has been Practicing since then.

Ma Dhyanmukta
International AUM Leader, trained at Humaniversity, The Netherlands.

Dr. Mukta is a qualified Homoeopathic doctor by profession. She was introduced to Osho in 1992 and she took Sanyas in 1998. She has regularly been practicing meditation and spreading the fragrance of Osho through her. Thousands of people have been introduced by her to Osho in India and abroad. She is also a Reiki Master and a qualified Relationship Consultant. She has greatly influenced the lives of most of the people who have come in touch with her.

Jerome Calyster

A multi-instrumentalist from Delhi, India, he plays the Indian flute, Tabla, Djamba, Morchung and other percussion instruments. Flute being his primary instrument, he gives solo flute concerts around the world. He has been trained in Indian classical music for more than two decades. His music is meditative, healing and soulful and spreads positive energy.


Madhusudan, the “Baul Badshah”, is known to be possessed by holy madness as he sings and creates music which is a celebration of the divine. He, with his group, will take us into a musical journey infused with tantric teachings and wisdom from day-to-day life.


Dates: 29th May – 3rd June 2018 (5.45 PM – 7.30 PM)


Check in: 12 Noon, 29th May(Lunch Included)

Check out: 2:30 PM, 3rd  June(Lunch Included)

Check in for Teachers, Healers, Volunteers and Artists: 12 Noon, 28th May.

Orientation: 4 pm

Contact : Yama
Phone :  +91 9311115748
Email : nirvana@zorbathebuddha.org

Come let’s live Osho’s vision !!

In spirit….Lets meditate with the Buddha, dance with Krishna and celebrate with Rumi!

Please note:

  • We are offering scholarships to professional artistes and students!
  • Limited OSHO-MEERA Scholarships available for Indian Women!

Osho Youth Fest May 2018: Would you like to know more?

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