Past Life Journeys

‘Past Life Regression’ is a technique through which one can access the sub conscious mind: the storehouse of past life memories.

What we are experiencing in our current lifetime is in some way connected to our previous lives.

It is through knowing our past and how it’s connected to our present. We can better understand our present suffering.

With this understanding and acceptance, we are able to heal ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally.


In this 5-day journey of past lives, we will bring out the answers to some situations that we are experiencing now.


The Inner Child Healing Regression (March 10th):We will regress into our childhood in order to heal any childhood wounds.

Current life concerns Regression (March 11th): Going back to a past life that brings clarity to a current life issue that is causing us suffering.

Relationship Regression (March 12th): Exploring the dynamics, patterns or suffering in a current life relationship, to become aware of its roots in a past life.

Phobia/Belief Change Regression (March 13th):We all have some Fears, Phobias or Limiting beliefs. Sometimes they are completely unexplained. Journeying back into a past life we will understand their root causes and heal them.

Giving our life a new direction (March 14th):Lastly, we will tune into our higher self to receive messages, usingFuture progression to get more clarity.

Facilitator’s Bio: Tertia Sandhu

Tertia is a certified Master in Past life Regression Therapy, Certified NLP Practitioner (NFNLP, USA), Certified Mokshapata Reader.

She’s also an Artist, writer & an authentic spiritual seeker. Tertia had many unique Life Experiences: Astral travelling and Out of body Experiences.


Dates : 10th – 14th March, 2021 (6:30 PM – 8:30 PM)

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