Past Life Journeys

Transport yourself to past lives to let go of fears & break free from the patterns which are not serving you.


In this 5 day journey, we will dive deep through regression into our inner wisdom and bring out the answers to some  situations that we are experiencing.

The gateways can be many. What you will realize, at the end, is that the answers come from within us.

As we get to understand the Soul better and why/what we come here for, we will experience:  

Age regression till the Womb (Nov 8): As the name suggests we will travel through the years that we have lived thus far, re-visiting some of the major events of our lives, all the way back into the womb.

Health Regression (Nov 9): This exploration of a past life would take the route of an issue concerning our physical wellbeing.

Relationship Regression (Nov 10): This will take a dive that holds substantial clues for one to look at the current relationship that hurts, intrigues or doesn’t make sense.

Phobia/Belief Change Regression (Nov 11): We all have some Fears, Phobias or Limiting beliefs. Sometimes they are completely unexplained. There may be no episode in this current life that links to it. So where did it come from?

Giving your life a direction (Nov 12): And once we get a glimpse from our past, it only makes sense to give our life a direction and progress into the Future!  

Only 15 seats available. Looking forward to seeing you!

Note: This is an experiential workshop and does not aim at teaching the technique.


* All of our programs are in English.

Online Zoom Workshop

Facilitator’s Bio: Nidhie Saagar & Manesha Saagar

Nidhie spent nearly 2 decades in the corporate sector until the questions about her purpose of life began to haunt from within. 

As she broke free from the so-called predictable life, into an arena of endless possibilities, she began to understand herself better.

 A post graduate in English Literature, Nidhie interestingly found her calling in Past Life Regression Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

She is a Corporate Trainer, a Certified NLP trainer (NFNLP, USA), a traveler, an avid reader, a blogger, a wild life lover and a keen Nature Photographer. Nidhie best describes herself as – Work in Progress.

Manesha is an Honors’ graduate in Economics along with a certification in Human Rights. Her artistic talent, however, took her to doing a Post-Graduate course from the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi. 

She has worked with some of the leading garment brands in India and abroad. Having spent considerable time catering to the external, she realized the need of bringing a change and a beautification within. And thus, began a search for the real “her”.

Manesha is a Corporate Trainer, a Certified NLP Trainer with NFNLP-USA, a Numerologist & a Marma Practitioner.

Date: 8th – 12th November, 2020

Timings: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Standard Contribution :  7777 INR / 100 Euro

Discounted Contribution : 5555 INR / 73 Euro (For the first 5 participants)


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