Pottery Workshop – Slab Building and Wheel Throwing 

This day is dedicated to the tactile pleasure of molding clay into beautiful shapes and forms.

Creative pottery takes you to a world that is deeply meditative, inspirational, and above all fun. Let your imagination be your guide.

During the workshop, you will learn to prepare clay and rolling slabs, and be introduced to a variety of forming techniques.

You will be given the key to creating wonderful surface textures.

And to top off the fun, you will have the chance to get your hands real muddy on the potter’s wheels.

It is all about hands-on learning, so make sure you wear clothes that don’t mind getting soiled and have comfortable shoes on your feet.

By the end you will have more than pleasurable memories and new skills; there will be your very own pottery creation.

Facilitators: Neha Gupta

Neha is a well-known potter based in Delhi. She has participated in group shows, exhibitions, and fairs – India Habitat Centre, AIFACS, Swiss embassy and other fairs.

She received professional training in high-temperature stoneware techniques under Rachna Prasher and in low-temperature glazing techniques from Andretta Pottery- Himachal Pradesh under Mansimran Singh.

She has also taught Pottery and Clay Modeling at Rishi Gurukulam School in Pune.

Date & Time : 22 Sep 2018 (9:45 AM – 4:00 PM)

3  Student/Artist/Need-based Partial scholarships are available.

Contact: Soumya
Phone: +91 9311131096
Email: vibes@zorbathebuddha.org


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