Introduction to Pranic Nourishment

What is Prana?

Prana is the very substance of life and is present in everything that exists; it is a universal energy of infinite power. The Hindu people call it “Prana”, Chinese Taoists call it “Chi” and American Indians and Polynesians call it “Manas”. All ancient cultures know it well, and in the Western countries it is simply called “life energy”. It is possible to concentrate Prana and use it to heal ourselves and others, animals and plants, but it is also possible to concentrate it and nourish oneself with it. Pranic nourishment is a new way of sustaining ourselves which is not limited in duration.

Breatharians level 4 are living proof of this, living their life only on prana. And the same is true for many people at different levels who are sharing this experience all over the world.

How does this new nourishment works?

In his natural state each cell of our body takes everything it needs from the vital force (prana/qi, energy) to be in perfect health and perfect harmony. This vital force is within us and all around us.

Who are the Breatharians?

By convention we call breatharians those who recognize the importance of this feeding energy and feed themselves consciously. But first of all a breatharian is somebody who has freed himself from belief systems and habits, he becomes a free being.

What does Breatharian level means?

To have a better comprehension from a mental and rational point of view of the pranic nourishment’s (Breatharianism) different kind of manifestation, you can evaluate here your own level:

Level 0 – I’m not aware of Pranic Nourishment
Level 1 – I‘m aware of Pranic Nourishment
Level 2 – I started to experienced the path of Pranic Nourishment (through a process or naturally)
Level 3 – I manifest the Pranic state and only occasionally consumes solid or liquid foods (state is stable since at least 4 month)
Level 4 – I manifest the Pranic state and no longer consumes solid or liquid foods (state is stable since at least 4 month)

The 21 days process

The 21-day process is like a journey through an unknown land, discovering ourselves and the wonders that are hidden inside of us. The main preparation consists in harboring the intention to make an experience, to purify our body, and feel with our whole being the power of Prana that takes care of everything and establishes a permanent state of peace within unity. During the 21-day process we learn to nourish ourselves differently than with solid food: our senses of perception get sharper and our awareness expands thanks to the return to the natural state of being that facilitates the circulation of Energy. In this way, the body gets accustomed to the new nourishment. The group is accompanied by a Breatharian all along this journey, day after day, within a natural environment ideal for the intake of Prana. Everyone remains free to quit the adventure at any moment in time and, at the end of the 21-day period, everyone is free to return to a more solid nourishment (level 2) or to remain Breatharian level 3 or 4, provided that the 3 specific criteria are met, namely: body weight is steady, energy is unlimited, sleeping time is reduced by half

Facilitator Bio: Nicolas Pilartz

Nicolas Pilartz was born in 1971 in the city of Paris, in France. His has the british nationality; his father is German and his mother Italian. He got the information of Pranic Nourishment in 2012; today he dedicates himself to share and spread the information of what he became trough his transformation and his life as breatharian. He helps and supports whoever wants to get closer to this new paradigm, accompanying them on the way of changing.

A new world is possible, it’s ready to birth; it’s made of peace and joy, without slavery and violence, a simple and free world of the needs to take anything from the outside of what we already have inside of us.

Date & Time : 16th Apr, 2018 (6 PM – 8 PM)


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