Recipes For Raw & Vegan Food

This 3 hour raw and vegan workshop is designed for those who want to either start or upgrade their diet with more nutritious yet delicious plant based recipes. 

All recipes will be demonstrated step by step using mostly local and seasonal ingredients.

A few new ingredients and equipments will be introduced to expand our existing list and ease our workload in kitchen. 

This workshop is going to be an eye opener as we will not only learn but also unlearn many things about raw food.

Plus we will learn to play with ordinary ingredients and turn them into extraordinary delights for ourself and our loved ones!

Please join us for this unmissable culinary event.


Facilitator’s Bio: Rupinder

Rupinder is the creator of, an online platform for raw and natural lifestyle and author of two books Raw Rasoi Everyday Juices and Raw Rasoi Everyday Milks. 

After being diagnosed with jaundice, which remained unresolved even after consulting various doctors and under going various tests, treatments, pathies and medicines for more than a year Rupinder realised that she needed to take health into her hands and look into alternative ways to end her suffering.

Finally by making major dietary changes by going fully raw for a couple of days she saw major signs of recovery and hence decided to continue her journey to regain health.

After investing lot of time, efforts and commitment for months by turning her kitchen into a laboratory Rupinder started her journey to prepare well combined and easy to digest living plant based recipes without dairy, gluten and sugar to heal her body.

Soon she started teaching the benefits of un-cooking through her workshops which became very popular.

To help and inspire those suffering with everyday health issues she started writing blogs and recipes on her website and is connected to rapidly growing community on Facebook and Instagram. 

Date & Time : 3rd August, 2019(9:45 AM – 1 PM)

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Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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