Reconnecting with your unique feminine power (For Women Only)

This workshop combines my long term experience in Family Constellation and making people connect with themselves. Connecting with oneself allows you to know and live your life energy, and Family Constellation helps you to find and remove the blocks which hinder the flow of your life energy and prevent you from living your life in it’s full potential.

Course is designed for you as a 3 Workshops, 1.5 hrs each.

Each Workshop consists of theory, practical exercises and meditation. After each Workshop you’ll receive a homework.

7th August 2020 4:30 – 6:00pm


You are part of energetic matrix of your family.  Ancestors are the source of your inner strength, wisdom and power.  When you don’t connected with this power, you feel insecure, lost and unstable. In this Workshop you will reconnect with your ancestral feminine line, discover  unique quality of female energy of your family and receive the precious gift women of your family carried through generations.

8th August 2020 4:30 – 6:00pm


Mother is the most important figure in our life. In Family Constellation mother simply represent Life itself. In this Workshop you’ll rediscover a unique qualities you received from your mother and alsosee  unconscious  patterns you took from her that hinder your own unique feminine expression. You will experience on energetic level healthy and harmonious relationship between you and your mother. Once this experience become part of your inner map/field, you’ll be able to establish it in real life.

9th August 2020 4:30 – 6:00pm


 In this workshop through connection methods, you’ll connect with feminine power centres and learn how to live  them in your daily life. By the end of this workshop you’ll have an image and energetic picture of yourself as an integrate woman: emotional, loving and intuitive. Special gift of this workshop – powerful meditation from the ancient  Vigian Bhairav , designed to open the flow of your heart.

What will you get after this course?

– more profound knowing and acceptance of yourself as you are

– Feeling of connectedness, grounding and belonging- Feeling more playful, loving and intuitive

– Increased level of vitality

– Connection with your divine feminine

Facilitator’s Bio: Dr Liza Martin Abhika

Dr Liza Martin is trained in Family constellations & Trauma healing and has many years of experience in working with women in  different countries.

Sharing her life experience over the past 20 years, She did 3 years of Shiatzu School (ODHA).

Liza also studied Ito Thermie in Japan with the teacher Koiroghi sensei & She did formation of Family Constellations and Trauma Healing with S. Libermeister.

She did her Neo-Reichian Breath Training with A. Dilon.

She was intiated into OSHO’s Neo sanyas and brings that beautiful energy into her work.

Date : 7th, 8th & 9th August 2020

Time : 04:30 PM – 6:00 PM

Contribution : 2700/- per participant

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