Radiant Self Love Workshop – Sacred Journey for Empowered Women

What is the most important relationship in anyone’s life?

It’s the relationship with their own self. But, how many times do we even say that we love ourselves? This session will dive deeper into the unconscious to find and love our self in wholeness, incorporating every aspect of the shadow too. Using the methods of Carl Jung’s Shadow work where the animalistic and the raw self comes out in order to reveal the authentic self.

From “Where I am” to “Where I would like to be”, one will be guided through Feminine embodiment as well as God and Goddess archetype through the medium of storytelling. This will help us in finding who we are and accepting that in all its glory! Through self love, we step into the portal of the Divine Universe, finding Oneness with everything that is.
Sufiana will bring together elements of Expressive Arts Therapy (such as expressing through art and movement) and ancient embodiment Shakti practices, combining Psychology with Spirituality, Awareness with Creative Movement, Breathwork with Storytelling.

Radiant Self Love Workshop3

sufiana 2Sufiana is a visionary who believes that the world will truly heal and transform through our own inner healing and transformation. She currently leads retreats and workshops for Feminine spirituality focusing on Women’s empowerment, Feminine Embodiment, Self love and more in California, India and will soon be spreading her wings towards Europe.

She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from Bombay, has studied Expressive Arts therapy in San Francisco, holds a Post-grad Certificate in Women’s studies and is a trained Yoga instructor specializing in Breath-work and stress Management. She has also been a performer/teacher of Indian classical inspired Bollywood dancing in Bombay, Los Angeles and San Francisco!!! 

Her path, she says is the path of Unconditional Love and of REVIVING and being in service to the DIVINE FEMININE!


Date & Timing : 7th July, 2017 (5:30 PM – 8:30 PM)


Contact : Archana
Phone : +91 9654327230
Email : connect@zorbathebuddha.org

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