How often we have a deep urge to do something, yet we find it difficult to take any action towards fulfilling it? It appears that some force sitting inside is stopping us to go for it. It feels as if we do not fully own our own mind, body and soul, as if someone else has encroached into what truly belongs to us.

Contrary to popular beliefs, entity invasion is not limited to small section but a highly widespread phenomenon like an epidemic. We often come to know of entity invasion when someone begin to behave in highly awkward manner. However the truth is that majority population faces at least minor encroachment. The impact of this phenomenon shows up as lack of enthusiasm, enhanced instances of anger, stubborn behavior, tighter grip of addictions, procrastination etc. There are also physical symptoms like indigestion and other stomach malfunction, stiffened hands and legs, buzzing in ears,  fear in night, consistent feeling of someone around etc.

This workshop is designed to provide you complete freedom from all kind of encroaching entities. It applies diversified approaches and tools towards this which are scientific as well as esoteric in nature. We go through a three processes towards this – first the observation process which compels these entities to become visible, second, invocation of Goddess Sulochana to liberate such entities and third, burning the dark spaces inside us, so that the gateways for such entities close down forever. Participants will learn to free others from these encroaching influences after being initiated into these powerful practices.

Quanto Shivo is the founder of Quantology – A holistic multidimensional system of deep transformation and empowerment. “Freedom from Sadness” is one of the most popular and widely practiced Quantology technique, which has empowered many souls by making them free from of the burden of past wounds of this life as well as many past lives. He has also created the modern processes to invoke gods and goddesses, providing us with the real experiences of these cosmic energies. His popular “Partner with Gods” series helps us to live an empowered life by invoking help from these cosmic beings to fulfill our life purposes. Quanto Shivo also invokes the power of the cosmic beings or Devas for entity cleaning and helped many in attaining freedom from entity invasions.

Date & Timing : 14th Jan, 2017 (9.30 AM – 6.00 PM)


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