Sacred Feminine Festival

It’s time for the feminine to rise and shine. Celebrate and empower your womanhood.

Connect with your femininity. Trust Your Energies. Be More Sensual.

Looking for love? Look in the mirror. Learn to embrace that Gorgeous Beautiful woman we all deserve to be.

Join us for this Women’s Festival from 2-6 December, by International teachers from all over the world.

Key Offerings






Day 1 

2nd December

My Emotions: Curse OR Blessing ? – Liza Martin


In this workshop we’ll go into the depths of our emotions.

Most of the times we are emotional. We all know those waves where one moment we are in bliss, another moment in life is just a suffering

What is the nature of those powerful waves? Where are they coming from and where are they going?  Is it possible to remain at the shore without being washed away?

This course combines Family Constellation and Tantra.

Tantra allows you to know and live your life energy.

Family Constellation helps you to find and remove the blocks which hinder the flow of your life energy that prevent you from living your life to it’s full potential.

All these questions will be answered during this workshop.

We’ll cover the following topics:

– The magiс of the 2nd chakra: at home with emotions

– 3 golden keys for unblocking the flow of emotions

– Impure and pure emotions: curse and blessing



– More clarity about emotions and how to deal with them

– Feeling more grounded and secure

– Practical kit of techniques to use in your daily life






Day 2

3rd December

Trusting to be a Woman – Shanti Garcia

A woman is naturally very connected to the body. Her body is her home and sensuality is her strength.

Woman has repressed and disconnected from her feminine side because of social conditioning and education received in the family.

She has forgotten the beauty and relaxation that arises from relating with her feminine side.


In this workshop we will:

  • Playfully explore being in a female body
  • Enhance feminine qualities supported by breath, movement and awakening the senses
  • Bring wellbeing and trust in oneself






Day 3

4th December

Kundalini Yoga – Devi Kaur


Do you ever feel like an emotional yoyo? One day you feel powerful, like you could accomplish anything and the next day you feel insecure and unsure of yourself?

In this workshop you will gain an understanding and experience a technology to deal with these natural fluctuations.

It is the ancient yogic teachings on the Eleven Moon Centres of the Woman.

The eleven Moon Centres are sensitive physical areas on the woman’s body which are responsive to lunar energies.

These moon centres affect how she deals with her everyday life.

Woman’s emotions will fluctuate as the Moon Centres change.

These Centres activate in her body in a 28-day cycle, for 2 ½ days at each location in the body.

The sequence varies with each woman, but unless there is an emotional shock, it remains constant in her.

The Moon Centres do not coincide with her menstrual cycle or zodiacal mood cycle.

If a woman is sensitive to her body and emotional tendencies, she can be aware of and predict her own Moon Centre cycle.

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient art of awakening and rising of Kundalini Energy up the spine through energy centres called Chakras.

Kundalini rises by means of Pranayama (breathing exercises), Bhandas (body locks), in Kriyas (exercise sets), using Asanas (postures), Mudras (gestures), and Mantras (sacred sounds).



  • Balance and harmonise the moon centres
  • Become adept at perceiving the movement of energy within and outside of your body
  • Consciously begin to direct energy flow to stimulate and awaken the chakras
  • Heal yourself and others and becomes a co-creator with universal energies


  • Please do not eat at least 2 hours before the workshop.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, bring some water cushions and a blanket.
  • Make your space sacred and special with crystals, incense, goddess pictures/statues, flowers, sacred geometry etc.






Day 4

5th December



We manifest diseases in our physical body.

And we manifest disorder & distress in the mental body not known to us.

The reasons behind our low energy are also not known to us. 

People’s understanding of the body, mind and energy is limited:

  • Body: Most people identify with their body and don’t understand beyond it as only the body is visible and physical.
  • Mind: We know that our mind is very chaotic. We don’t understand what is mind and how to control or use it.
  • Energy: Our knowledge or experience of energy is very superficial. We commonly use a statement like  – “Today my energy is low or I am unable to focus because of drained energy”

This workshop will help you to:

  • Understand the connection between BODY & MIND.
  • Understand how the mind interferes with energy, a briefing about the Science of Human Design.
  • Use yogic practices to uplift the energy levels


  • Leads to one’s Journey to mysticism.
  • Learn to bring harmony in mind, body and energy
  • Learn to uplift your energy levels
  • Empower yourself to realize the essence of life

Theory 45 minutes and 1 hour yogic practice, 15 minutes QA






Day 5

6th December

Sensual Shakti Yog – Afke


Sensual Shakti Yog is about reconnecting with your femininity.

In this sensual Shakti yog the movements are slow and ecstatic.

This will help you reconnect with your sensuality and with the receptive feminine (yin) energy that is within all of us.

Even when we relax we have the feeling that we need ‘to do’ something. This kind of mode is a masculine active energy.

We use the following methodology:

  • Sound: Toning the voice.
  • Breath: Use the breath, focusing on the exhalation to relax
  • Movement: gentle stretches, gentle yoga asanas

Techniques used:

  • Different breathing techniques: the orgasmic breath and the connected breath
  • The old Taoist practices, to move and direct energy so you can heal and re-energize yourself.
  • Slow body movements.
  • Emotional release tools.

During certain activities you may encounter feelings such as, shame, fear, resistance, anger and that is okay. All emotions are welcome.


  • Learning how to express without words
  • Feel sensual, soft &relaxed as it relaxes the nervous system
  • Feel more ecstatic than before.
  • Help to let go and release blocked energy
  • Help to connect back to your flow, feeling the kundalini Shakti energy
  • Embrace pleasure.
  • Let go of shame and all such limiting beliefs that hold you back

Our Facilitators & Healers









Liza Martin Bio

Traveling and meeting masters from different parts of the world Liza Martin has been deepening various meditation and mindfulness practices over the past 20 years.

From 2000 to 2006 she was in the Osho Ashram in Pune (India) where she studied Osho meditation techniques and obtained the Osho Therapist certification.

Liza specializes in couples relationship, Family Constellations and Trauma Healing and conducts groups and seminars in various countries.

She also has a degree in economics and run her own publishing business. She is the mother of a 16-year-old daughter.

She integrates the practice of meditation and awareness in her daily life as a modern woman and a mother.









Shanti Garcia Bio:

Shanti  Garcia has studied communication sciences at the Universidad in Mexico City

In the end of the 80’s she discovered the path of meditation, which then became the centre of her life. Shanti learned and practiced Zen meditation intensely for seven years before she discovered the “Osho Way“ of active meditation.

Shanti is educated in the work of Gurdjieff, the Fourth Way, Jungian Dream analysis, Psychic Massage Energy work and Osho therapy with specialization in Osho Diamond Breathwork.

She is part of the Osho Diamond Breath international team of therapists

Since 1997 she facilitates trainings, groups and individual work. Shanti is a leader of the Osho Diamond Breath Trainings team.









Devi Kaur Bio:

Devi Kaur has been practicing and studying yoga for over 20 years and has worked with many teachers and techniques that have supported her journey.

One of the most profound experiences for her was practicing/studying with the Brahma Kumaris. 

She opened a centre in the north of England, serving many in the community with this beautiful philosophy, as well as offering other healing modalities such as yoga and holistic therapies.

In 2012 her journey with the Brahma Kumaris had reached its potential.  After leaving the powerful path she was led into the next chapter of her life – Kundalini.

With Kundalini work, her past traumas got recognised and healed. 

She soon found herself in Rishikesh, India, conducting Kundalini Training at the Golden Bridge and travelling mainly in India and rest of Asia sharing one of the most powerful medicines on the planet – Kundalini Yoga. 

She is honoured to teach this technology and her unique relationship with Great Spirit & Mother Earth, which nurtures and nourishes the body and the soul.









Chaina BIO :

Chaina is a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Healer whose mission is to educate people to lead an effortless life.

Her ability to read the deep psyche of human being helps a person to get healed at a faster pace.

With Universe’s guidance and her dedication, she has been healing people from all sorts of diseases and disorders.

So far she has helped heal over a thousand people ranging from severe mental disorders to diseases, infertility, complex relationship issues, autism, de-addiction. Healing mental disorder is her core competency.

She works on three layers 

– Physical body, The Mental body, and Emotional body.

Her Creation: Navkruti was founded in the year of 2015 with a vision to empower people to live a healthy blissful life.









Afke Reijenga Bio

Afke’s life and work is about freedom from shame and limiting beliefs.

Her teachers are nature, breath, yoga and tantra.

Afke is a very experienced teacher and facilitator and has been teaching for over 10 years on trainings and festivals around the world. 

She is a tantra facilitator in the Netherlands, a co-facilitator for Awaken as Love trainings and part of the ISTA tribe too

Afke is also a certified yoga teacher with more than 1000+ hours Hatha Vinyasa, and Yin Yoga

She had been studying TAO in the lineage of Mantak Chia for more than 20 years (Jade egg, Healing Love, Sexual Kung Fu).

She organised the first Red Tent (sacred sister circles) gatherings in the Netherlands. 

Tribal Vinyasa and Sensual Shakti Yoga are two practices that she developed herself. These are beautiful practices to connect more with your true nature and with your sensuality.

Sacred Feminine Festival, 2-6December 2020, from 6-8 pm for 5 days.

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