Sacred Geometry symbols have risen to human consciousness at relevant points in human history. During major shifts in human consciousness, sacred geometry symbols have played a vital role in unlocking higher dimensions of existence.

This workshop unravels the mystical world of Sacred Geometry Symbols along with meditations and exercises to remove blocks and unlock hidden potentials that help you enter the conscious evolution in a state of full awareness!

This workshop is a journey into some of the most potent sacred geometry symbols known to mankind. You will understand symbols from both a mystical perspective as well as a rational & scientific perspective.

Welcome to an initiation to the multidimensional being that you are!


Move toward a radically transformed self by using symbols to unlock hidden potentials inside us.

Facilitators: Sohel Mehboob


Mehboob Sohel is an ex-Dean and CEO who turned overnight into an Artist, Spiritual Guide & Musician. The overnight radical switch from a profit-seeking corporate CEO to living his passions happened on 21-12-2012 which coincided with the time linked with the 2012 phenomenon theories.

Ever since his life is dedicated as an experiment to unravel the mysteries of the metaphysical which opened the doorways to passions and talents he never knew existed. His work now is to demystify the mystical and explore dimensions that exist beyond physical reality.

Some of his work is on unraveling the phenomenon of telepathy, Extra Sensory Perceptions and core beliefs that change our reality.

He believes that Humanity is at a crucial point of evolution and that we as a species are morphing from Homo Sapiens to Homo Celestus a new interdimensional species with the discovery of the 6th sense, consciousness.


Date and Time: 15th July 2018 (4:45 PM – 8.00 PM)

3 – Student/Artist/Need-based scholarships are available.

Contact: Sauvik
Phone: +91 9717469268


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