Salsation – Dance Fitness & Lyrical Expression

SALSATION is a fun and addictive dance fitness program based on functional training with a very strong focus on musicality and lyrical expression. It is a mix of the words salsa (hot spicy sauce) and sensation. (Salsa, as in the mix of different rhythms, cultures, dances and fitness protocols. Sensation is the feeling you get from the program’s strong focus on musicality, lyrical expression and feel good effects from the functional training on your body)

SALSATION provides a full body workout that helps improve movements and musicality. A carefully structured warm-up is specifically designed to improve range of motion, body awareness & musicality. The warm-up is split between isolations and dynamic moves choreographies. Following the warm-up, the workshop will use fix choreographies to different songs, including among other genres: Latin, Dancehall, African and Pop music.

The class ends with a cool down and stretching.

Participants usually fall in love with SALSATION because they notice incredible improvements in their core strength, body’s range of motion and dance skills.

Facilitator Bio: Neha Bagga


Fitness Instructor & Life Coach with professional certifications & international experience for multiple fitness programs. Experience in organizing & presenting at international fitness events in South Asia and South East Asia.


Experience in conducting training & fitness classes for different organizations, corporate, in gyms & as a freelance instructor in Singapore & India:                   

– YMCA Singapore

– Singapore National Health Board

– Changi Business Park, Great Eastern Singapore

– MMI Holdings Ltd, Singapore

– Delhi Dance Academy, Delhi

– The Leela Ambience, Gurga

– Bomiso&Heeaatz Gym, Gurgaon

Date & Timings: 24th May 2018 (6.15 PM – 7.30 PM)

Contact: Yama
Phone:  +91 9311115748


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