Self Awareness through Movement and Music: Group Facilitation Training

Whether you are a meditation teacher, healing dance practitioner or any other kind of body worker who works with groups and music, you will get a lot of knowledge in this training to enhance your teaching.

The training is based on the methodology and know-how of Biodanza.

You will not become a Biodanza-Facilitator but you will learn to Facilitate your own teaching to a better style.You will have self experience Biodanza sessions for your self-development and to understand the theory better and there will also be theory classes as I mentioned earlier.

You will learn:

  • Organizing an organic class according to physiological body rhythms
  • Exercises to bring people in communication and expression
  • The effect of music on movements and emotions
  • Music check – there is a lot of music which is harmful to a human being – please bring your music, we will check it.

About Biodanza: It was founded in the 1960s by the Chilean educators, psychologists, anthropologists and artist Prof. Rolando Toro. He combined ancient knowledge about the curative and expressive power of the dance with new scientific insights.

Biodanza is the invitation to dance life! In all moods and life situations. It does not teach step-by-step dance techniques. It is not the aesthetics of movement, but the experience in the here and now. In dances and exercises to the universal language of music – alone, in the couple or in the group – the aspects of human coexistence are explored and integrated. The figure music-emotion-expression is closed again and immediately available for everyday life. Biodanza analyzes and focuses not on the deficit aspects, but turns to the liberation of what generally strengthens humans and makes life more valuable. It activates body-specific substances, which increase the well-being.

BIO (S) Greek word stem βίος: Life

DANZA (spanish) originates from the old dance: the realization of inspiration in movement with feeling & expression.

Biodanza therefore means living movement full of meaning. Through Biodanza, you will learn to give your movements content and meaning.

To describe biodanza is as hard as describing love or life. Only through experience can I grasp the entire meaning of Biodanza. Biodanza is oriented to abundance, not to lack of it. It opens you to the universe of possibilities.


day 1: Theoretical mode land 2 Biodanza sessions

day2: Building an organic class and 2 Biodanza sessions

day3: All about music

day 4: To bring the theory in practice in your own classes.

Facilitator : Manju Waltraud Pollmann


Her spiritual Journey started 1986 with an intense Sufi practice and Shamanic work with Jabrane Sebant. In 1990, she meet her Indian Master H.W.L Ponnja (PAPAJI) in Lucknow who named her MANJU and with whom she stayed for 3 years in Lucknow. In 1992, she started her Biodanza training directly with the founder of Biodanza, Rolando Toro Araneda, in Italy. She was his close collaborator in Austria from 1992 until his death in 2010. She opened the Biodanza Community in Austria and is directing since 1994 at the first Biodanza School of Austria.

She is trained in many Biodanza –Extensions directly by Rolando Toro Araneda and in many different body-psycho-therapeutic and spiritual techniques. Biodanza-Teacher, trainer and Spiritual Coach with 35 years of experience, based in Austria, she works in many countries around the globe and travels to India during winters.

Date & Time :

22nd – 25th December, 2017 (9:30 AM to 6 PM)


Contact : Shilpy
Phone : +91 9311902245
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Self Awareness through Movement and Music Dec 2017

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