Saundhi Mitti – A Concert Bengali Folk, Haveli Sangeet & Sufi Music

Durbari Music Baithaks takes immense pride in presenting the first concert of its second season this October.

This season we are starting off with a concert that will feature music that belongs to our roots.

We start off with Bengali Folk and peep into the joyfulness of Haveli Sangeet before taking our plunge into the mysticism of Sufi music.

Bengali Folk

Folk Music of West Bengal is a tree in itself which consists of the secular folk song genres.

The folk songs reveal the feelings and sentiments of the common people, their deprivation and struggles, anguish and bitterness, torments and anger in a simple and straightforward manner.

Common instruments include the Dhak, Khol and Dhol drums, the ektara and dotara and the idiophones Kansar and Kartals.

Haveli Sangeet

Havelis were places where Hindu deities were installed; due to restrictions on Hindu temples during the Muslim rulers, it was called Haveli Sangeet.

Basically, Haveli Sangeet is another name for Hindu temple music considered a part of a rich historical tradition.

Having its origin in Rajasthan and Gujarat, the Haveli music is believed to have an edge over Dhrupad (the core of Indian classical music) for the common belief that the music has none other than Lord Krishna himself for an audience.

Essentially a tribute to Krishna, its form includes devotional renditions like Kirtans, Bhajans and bhava nritya, all related to religious cult worship.

Although a mix of classical and folk music, the style is inherently borrowed from the dhrupad and Dhamar.

Sufi Music

Sufism is a dimension within Islam that seeks the divine truth and knowledge by deepening one’s relationship with the Creator.

It is believed that the word ‘Sufi’ has its origins in the Arabic word ‘suf,’ or wool, referring to the garment worn by the original practitioners of this faith.

Sufi traditions first entered the Indian subcontinent during the early rule of the Delhi Sultanate.

Modern day Sufism is most popularly and widely known for its poetry and its music, with songs that attempt to unite the musician and the listener with the Divine.

Sufi singers often perform poetry, thus, leading to multiple versions of the same song; this also means that it is often worth your time looking up the meaning of the lyrics of these songs.

About the Artists

Smt. Protima Banerjee

An eminent name in the world of music and melody, a trained classical singer, immensely qualified and a humble person, Smt. Protima Banerjee started her musical journey after getting inspired from her father.

Affluent in Puratoni Bangla bhajan and Rabindra sangeet she is now a discipline of Legendary Pandit Acharaya Dr. Shree Gokulotsav Ji from the renowned Indore gharana.

She has excelled herself in Folk singing under the guidance of Shri Abhijeet Basu.

Award and Accolades have also come her way like the Sangeet Ratnakar and the Sangeet Bhushan.

An accomplished composer she has been felicitated by the Minister of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

Shri. Souvik Banerjee

‘To learn music is to learn a whole new language’, Similarly for Shri Souvik Banerjee music has been with him from a very early age.

Inspired by musical instruments and from his respected father and uncle who himself was an eminent sitarist, music became a passion of his life.

Training in classical music paved the way further for him when he started learning from Guru Shri Salil Chaterjee.

He has been under the guidance of Legendary Pandit Acharaya Dr. Shree Gokulotsav Ji from the renowned Indore gharana.

An observant musician, he has excelled in Folk singing under the guidance of Shri Abhijeet Basu.

A master in various forms like, Bengali songs, Bhajans, Thumri and forms of light classical music and Dhrupad under able guidance of renowned gurus.

Ms. Papori Harsh

With a sound foothold in traditional learning in raagdaaris , Papori is a versatile singer who performs in varied genres with utmost ease.

Her subtle take on bada khayal is as melodious as is her rendering of pure melodies & hindustani sangeet.

At the same time she could make one sway with her drut bandish renditions and her high energy sufi singing.

Papori is a management graduate from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune and has been a human resource professional for more than 12 years.

Papori is also the founder of the ‘ Durbari Music Baithaks’, a consortium which was formed with the purpose to bring together all musical souls, both performers as well as those who have a deep appreciation for good music under one umbrella

Date: 12th October 2019

Timings: 5:45 PM – 8:00 PM

Dinner: 8:00 PM onwards

Contact : Sachin
Phone : +91 9953698382
Email :

Please call between 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST

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