Many spiritual and shamanic traditions have used meditations in pitch darkness as a method of healing, transformation and awakening. How can this simple technique be a catalyst of transformation?

If we take a look at the chemistry of the brain we can begin to understand the biochemistry behind awakening.

The Pineal Gland

It is thought that the biological structure associated with the third eye, or inner eye, is a gland called the pineal gland. Some theories say that the gland can become calcified, and thus our inner vision becomes dulled or blocked. By purifying this gland, it is decalcified and thus activated.

Activation of the pineal gland may be what ancient mystics have called “opening your third eye”. Spiritual awakening is a shift in perception. It is not the outer world that changes, but the inner world. When the perception shifts from seeing separation to seeing oneness, it is said we see with our inner eye open. Along the way, the practitioner may or may not experience shifts in perception such as psychic abilities, astral travel and lucid dreaming.

The pineal gland has been called “the seat of the soul” (Descartes and Bailey) and is thought to be a very profound spiritual center of the brain. In Tao Tantra, there is a term called the “crystal palace” used in meditation. This is said to be connected to both the third eye and the crown chakra. Thus to activate it is to activate the higher spiritual centers.

DMT in the brain

The chemistry of the brain gets really interesting when we start to look deeper into the pineal gland. We find that under circumstances of light deprivation, the pineal produces a psychedelic substance called DMT. This is a naturally occurring substance, which occurs at birth and death in the human.

DMT also occurs in a shamanic plant medicine called “Ayahuasca”, which is drunk for visionary purposes. However, it has been discovered that an individual can develop release of DMT naturally within their own brain, in a more natural and gentle way through meditation, darkness retreats and pineal decalcification.

 Darkness Retreats

Retreating into pitch darkness for several days thus has a major effect upon the brain, most notably the pineal gland and the release of natural DMT. This can facilitate a powerful shift in consciousness. The ultimate intention of such meditation is to see the world as interconnected. To see beyond illusion and separation.

“The pineal gland needs pure darkness to emit melatonin, which produces serotonin. These chemicals are crucial to psychic awareness, and thus in turn activates your pineal gland.”

There are only a very few Darkness retreats around the world. This is because it takes a huge amount of resources to create such a retreat, in which the meditation hall, eating area, toilets and sleeping rooms are all blacked out. In such a retreat you will give your brain an opportunity to produce natural DMT, and thus the possibility to enhance your meditation skills and inner vision. To join such a retreat offers a powerful opportunity to take meditation to a whole new level.


Prem Luca Firewolf started his spiritual journey at a very early age. His main work has been to unify the spiritual path of the East with the Native American tradition and the Shamanic world. He arrived in India in 1980. He first travelled with sadhus and then went on to become an Osho sannyasin.

He kept traveling all over the World to connect with Native people, mostly in America, from the deepest Jungle of Amazonia in Brazil, Perù, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, to the Sacred Desert of Wirikuta in Mexico and USA to learn about the Old way of the human being, the Circle way, as well as the profound connection of the Medicine Plants for the healing of the soul, mind, heart and body. His mission is to preserve these teachings and share it with all of us. He has been leading Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests and other Shamanic ceremonies for more than 20 years. He has worked with Manitonquat-Medicine Story a Wise Man of the Wampanog tribe and translated three of his books. He has been also trained in different Breath-work techniques as Holotropic Breath and Rebirthing.

He works at the Energy level with the Breath, at the mental and emotional level with  counseling and at the spiritual level with Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests, Shamanic Journeys and Darkness retreat.

Date & Time : 8th – 13th March, 2018

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