Fusion: Sufi-Ghazal Concert – A Zorba Baithak

Surrender yourself to music, to verse, of love and longing.

Enjoy a magical, mystical, musical sufi and ghazal evening/night to mesmerize the soul. With soul-stirring music, poignant poetry and enchanting ambience, it will be an autumn evening to remember!

Vocalist J Khanna, Music composer Jivesh singh and violinist Anupriya Datole accompanied with Musicians will present fusion music- contemporary renditions of Urdu verses called Ghazals.

Ghazals are romantic poems in Urdu/Persian about love, betrayal and longing. This form of ancient Urdu/Persian poetry is associated with renowned sufi poets such as Ghalib, Rumi, and more recently Faizal Ahmed Faiz.

In this concert, audiences will enjoy traditional mellow lyrics with contemporary and classical music that evokes deep connection to oneself.


Artist: J.Khanna, Jivesh Singh, Anupriya Datole     

J KHANNA is a proficient exponent of Indian light music. Recently she enthralled the audiences at a ghazal concert at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. Most recent is her ghazal album released digitally.

From a very young age, she harboured great passion for music as a performing art. She actively participated in singing competitions at various levels, bagged numerous awards/prizes and honor/college colors.

The very first year of her college passed with distinction in music and had the honor to perform amidst legends like Pandit Jasraj, Dagar brothers and Pandit Tejpal Singh.

She performed at several stage shows in New Delhi and for radio/T V throughout the 1970s and 1980s. She continuously nurtured her interests in Indian Music (Light Vocal) and continued her training at Shriram Kathak Kala Kendra in New Delhi, and under the aegis of Padmashri Shanti Hiranand.

She has performed and held presentations about Indian music with scholars in India, Russia, Australia, Japan & United States.

Professionally, Dr. Jatinder Khanna is a Delhi-based researcher, educationist and an author. Her book on Siberia, “Envisioning Siberia, Awakening the Sleeping Land” is her pioneering work. She is an honors graduate, holds a professional degree in Education from Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi, Postgraduate, Masters of Philosophy and Doctorate from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


Maestro Anupriya Deotale,daughter of legendary Hindi Poet Prof Chandrakant Deotale,needs no introduction.She is considered among the top class Violin players,one of the very few North Indian Classical Violinist in India today and the only violinist of international reputation in Delhi.

She has a unique style of her own, on the lines of fusion in which she blends the elements of “Gayaki” i.e. vocal rendering and “Tantarakari” i.e. instrumental rhythmic patterns, a manner in which not many are found playing the Violin in the entire sub-continent.

Her style of playing Violin is clearly distinguished by sweetness of emotional depth of her music. Anupriya has created an enviable niche for herself in the field of fusion music and have worked with the musicians from France, Germany, Spain and Reunion Island.

Anupriya has done her Master of Arts and Master of Music Both in Violin with a gold medal from Khairagarh University and Vikram University Ujjain respectively. She has received a senior fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. She has become the first Indian musician to receive the prestigious Ustad Salamat Ali and Nazakat Ali Khan award at Lahore (Pakistan) in December 2004.

Anupriya is the first Indian classical female musician to be recorded for a programme by the Pakistan Television. Anupriya is an ‘A’ Grade Artist of All India Radio Station, established artist of Indian Council For Cultural Relations.In 2008, performed through Indian Council Of Cultural Relations, in Tunisia, Malta ,Egypt and Israel.

Anupriya has represented India in over 40 countries. She has regularly performed for the Spic Macay.

Anupriya has founded Ameer Khusro Centre For Music and has her fusion group Anupriya Ensemble, which has performed in Festival of India in China and Indonesia. Anupriya has a large number of CD recordings to her credit, which include India Calling and Call of Horizons released in Germany and Holland.


Jivesh Singh, is one of the most outstanding vocal artists of today.His singing is the kind that touches souls, having carved a niche, his style is influenced from sufi & classical music.He has a unique style, indeed suited to fusion renditions, which presents this genre of music in a way not many are found performing in the entire sub-continent.

His obsession with a variety of instruments brings a new dimension and depth to his songs. A multi-faceted personality, he has unusual abilities of being a distinguished composer and music director; a fine vocalist, guitarist, recording artist and song writer as well.

His performances have not only established him as a musical treasure in his own country, but gained him worldwide fame and appreciation in his contribution to music. Some of his past musical projects have been Albums, Chadariya, Ankhon Se, Zamane ki chinta mein, tracks for Micro Cube Studio; works for T-Series and International concerts on behalf of ICCR with his fusion band ‘Parinday’ & Jivesh Collective.

Date & Time : 14th Oct, 2017 (6.30 PM – 8.00 PM)

Contact : Tamanna
Phone : +91 9654322882
Email : joy@zorbathebuddha.org

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