Shakti Retreat

This Basant, let’s connect with the blossoming of Shakti within, at our all-women gathering—  a 3-day residential retreat.

Let us invoke the Joy of Love within our hearts, as a part of the Empowered Women’s Circle.

Yes, every woman is an embodiment of Shakti, and who knows it better than the woman herself – especially a woman on the path of awakening.

Let us help nourish the divine Shakti and gain more clarity on our life’s purpose as a woman.

Let us heal our relationships through specially designed meditations and ceremonies.


Let us give birth to the Wild Wonder Woman from Within – Welcoming our New Avatar 2.0.

Let us resolve our inner conflicts, let go of inhibitions and reign supreme over our own life.

Let us wake up, refreshed in the lush green, serene surroundings of Zorba the Buddha and connect with fun-loving women over delicious organic soul-food.


Zorba the Buddha is one of the largest open faith spiritual centers in the world, which has hosted up to 400 programs in a year.

Let the Year of Number Seven, 2023 be immensely lucky for you.

Come – Be the Show. Be the Show-Stopper.

Yours is the Power and yours is the Glory! Own your Magnificence!


  • Spiritual Sauna : Shamanic Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  • Emotional Healing Meditation : A.U.M
  • Opening Your Heart : Atisha Heart Meditation
  • Awaken the Giant Within : Kundalini Meditation
  • Roleplay : Family Constellation
  • Sacred Earth Meditation
  • The Red Party : Menarche to Menopause
  • Yogic Breath + Pranayama + Healing with Tibetian Singing Bowls
  • Therapeutic Dance Rhythms
  • Bring forth Talent from Past Lives
  • Create Your Own Avatar with Clay
  • Rising Moon Wild Party : Be Your Own Muse – Sacred Cacao Ceremony
  • Sound of the Universe : Nadabrahma Meditation
  • Releasing the Anger : Osho Dynamic Meditation
  • Re-union of Shiva and Shakti within : Kundalini Yog
  • Celebrating Your Body : Sensuous Dance
  • Sharing Circle of Love – Nourishing the Queen within
  • Drums, Dance & Masti

Program schedule:

26 – 29 Jan, 2023 (3 Nights, 4 Days)

Arrival:  Jan 26 2023, Thursday, 10:00 am

Departure: Jan 29 2023, Sunday, 4:30 pm


Arrival:  Day 1

Departure: Day 3 (timings can be decided by the participants)

Day Retreat Pass (No Stay)

They are entitled to participate in all sessions happening between 07:00 am – 11:00 pm.



7, Tropical Drive

Ghitorni, M. G. Road

New Delhi – 110030


Call :

93119 58352

93119 58348

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