Teachings of the Circle and the Hunter Woman

The Yeti turned into a sparrow and spoke, sitting on her shoulders,

 “A Jhaknri (shaman) does not worship but explores and expands ones personal roots into this universe. Chomulungma, she is young like you. Once the size of a musk deer’s tooth, she has grown with you and your people. Many long to own her spirit but they forget she is also the forests beneath her. Hunter woman, you must see the whole at the same time – the forests beneath and the mountain above and thresholds in between. This is the practice for which there are no methods. Your spirit is the method. This is the sacred teaching of the circle.”

Koitso, Excerpt from the Story Session

These years’ story sessions bring Koitso’s narratives woven into his elder ceremonies vanishing with time. Part of ‘The Rainbow Journey’ across cultures, sounds and elder traditions, the tales take us deep into the Kiranti shamanic cosmology offering transformative insights into the way of healing with mountains and the primordial Guide, Ban Jhankri, and means of expanding ourselves in an ecological oneness. Narrated in his distinctive drunken, ceremonial style, the tales present a yet another vivid adventure into our ancient roots with sacred drums, bells, dances, journeywork and more.

The Story evenings are an invitation to all who feel called to … It is a gathering of individuals, healers and story lovers alike. The session not only celebrates our ecological selves but also sets forth a unique journey in our own larger healing…

Support: Session books will be available and you could purchase the copies for yourself or gift someone by making. This support goes a long way in supporting the storyteller’s personal journey across audiences.

Facilitator Bio: Koitso Salil Mukhia

Koitso Salil Mukhia is from the Kiranti indigenous community of the Eastern Himalayas and from the Koinch group – one of the smaller linguistic tribes. An initiate into shamanism as a young child and working to document the sacred traditions of tribal cultures and retell vanishing stories, his effort over the last 15 years, both as a storyteller and traditional healer reflects a vanishing realm of indigenous cultures, sacred traditions and the urgency to bring their relevance forward in the urban context.

Founder of Acoustic Traditional and Festival of Indigenous Storytellers, Koitso’s projects such as One Tribe, Stories on the Verge and Elder Earth (now), brings the lesser-known traditions of tribal India before the mainstream in ways that have had a deep impact on the audiences. His ongoing work continues to weave in his knowledge of stories, sounds and healing together and making them relevant in the urban contexts.

Date and Time: 25th & 26th May 2018 (6:30 PM – 8:00 PM)

Contact: Vimal
Phone: +91 9250361903


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