Shamanic Journey

Shamanic journey is an ancient practice to enter into a non ordinary state of mind.

It is guided by the rhythm of the drum or a rattle.

There are two kinds of Shamanic journeys: upward and downward.

In the Upward Shamanic journey we connect with the higher dimensions. They are our Spirit guides, our ancestors and other spiritual beings.

In the downward Shamanic Journey we connect with the Natural elements of Mother Earth and our Animal guides or Totems.

In both the journeys it’s important to have a clear intention of what we’re looking for.

Since the beginning of time, Shamans all over the world have been using the shamanic journey

Nowadays the shamanic journey is used for the following purposes:

  • To travel into different dimensions
  • To find guidance for personal problems
  • To heal a trauma
  • To get clarity for one’s spiritual path
  • To create a deep connection with our spirit guides, They could be our “guardian angels” or “Spirit animals” depending on the tradition-culture.

 With the help of an experienced Shaman who is drumming, playing the rattle, singing or is guiding you in any other way, makes this journey much easier and safer.

Facilitator’s Bio: Prem Luca Firewolf

Prem Luca Firewolf started his spiritual journey at a very early age. His main work has been to unify the spiritual path of the East with the Native American tradition and the Shamanic world. He arrived in India in 1980. He first travelled with sadhus and then went on to become an Osho sannyasin.

He kept traveling all over the World to connect with Native people, mostly in America, from the deepest Jungle of Amazonia in Brazil, PerĂą, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, to the Sacred Desert of Wirikuta in Mexico and USA to learn about the Old way of the human being, the Circle way, as well as the profound connection of the Medicine Plants for the healing of the soul, mind, heart and body. His mission is to preserve these teachings and share it with all of us. He has been leading Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests and other Shamanic ceremonies for more than 20 years. He has worked with Manitonquat-Medicine Story a Wise Man of the Wampanog tribe and translated three of his books. He has been also trained in different Breath-work techniques as Holotropic Breath and Rebirthing.

He works at the Energy level with the Breath, at the mental and emotional level with  counseling and at the spiritual level with Sweat Lodges, Vision Quests, Shamanic Journeys and Darkness retreat.

Date : 17th September 2020

Time : 06:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Contribution : 999/-


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