Ancient Wisdom To Negate Karmic Burden – On The Occasion Of Shani Jayanti

Annu will take you through an understanding of Shani that shall alleviate your anxieties related to this planet. On 25th May, which is ShaniJayanti, she is conducting a session on Shani or Saturn. To one who understands Him and incorporates this understanding and lesson of consistent long-term hard work, Saturn bestows the highest rewards. She will guide you through a ritual and meditation, which you can then follow on your own and support your own healing and progress. 

Saturn is considered a dark and slow moving planet. People are generally afraid of Saturn (Shani), because it is widely believed that Saturn brings bad luck, poverty, or deprivation, and saps out one’s happiness. However, this is a great misconception.

Ancient wisdom contained in our scriptures is very powerful and if interpreted in the right manner they aid our evolution and well-being in unprecedented ways.

Rituals were meant to be ways and means in which people could connect with themselves and those around. It is therefore important that they are understood in a manner that aids a person’s efforts at well-being and self-actualization. Annu interprets them and helps people connect to the essence of the rituals in a manner that can support healing and progress.


Annu Kalra is a Spiritually Inspired Coach, Counselor, Artist and Guide who lives in New Delhi. She has lead a life that is extremely Urban, today, real world, corporate, single mother bringing up two kids. She has been exploring the subject since many years through self – enquiry, travelling to places of religious and spiritual significance, visiting Kumbh melas, meeting different masters, having discussions with Sadhus, Vedantins, and people from different walks of life. What she found out for herself she tries to share in simple easy to imbibe manner. People come to her for individual counseling sessions, invite her for havan and talks to their place. She is currently finishing a book.

Date & Timing : 25th May, 2017 (5.30 PM – 8.00 PM)


Contact : Roshni
Phone : +91 9717469268
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