Divine Confluence-Union of Feminine and Masculine energies within

‘Love is such a flame, which when it blazes…..consumes everything other than the BELOVED.’


Join us in a Divine play between Shiva and Shakti where we will explore the Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies.

We shall experience deep soul inquiry exercises, Tantra energy breathwork and meditation, creative Arts, Sacred movement etc.

 Healing at a deeper Soul level, finding our true authentic voice, rising with our own inner Shiva, diving and surrendering as our own inner Shakti.

Understanding the Divine paradox, that in order to become one with everything, first we have to become a true separate ‘Individual’.

To understand the meaning of a more profound unconditional love, we step deeper into our Self as well as the Other, we meet in that space of vastness experiencing the whole universe within and in the Divine Union, becoming one with everything.


Becoming love itself.

sufiana 2Sufiana is a visionary who believes that the world will truly heal and transform through our own inner healing and transformation. She currently leads retreats and workshops for Feminine spirituality focusing on Women’s empowerment,

Feminine Embodiment, Self love and more in California, India and will soon be spreading her wings towards Europe.

She holds a Masters degree in Philosophy from Bombay, has studied Expressive Arts therapy in San Francisco, holds a Post-graduate Certificate in Women’s studies and is a trained Yoga instructor specializing in Breath-work and stress Management. She has also been a performer/teacher of Indian classical inspired Bollywood dancing in Bombay, Los Angeles and San Francisco!!!

Her path, she says is the path of Unconditional Love and of REVIVING and being in service to the DIVINE FEMININE!

Date & Timing : 9th July, 2017 (10.00 AM – 5.30 PM)


Contact : Maitri
Phone : 9250361903
EMAIL : happiness@zorbathebuddha.org

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