Siddha Kundalini Healing Workshop (Training)

To embark on this powerful, spiritual journey participants should come with an open mind and an open heart. It is a unique opportunity and a great privilege to receive Shaktipath initiation from a Siddha Master, Stepping onto the Shaktipath allows you to tap into the cosmic healing energies known as Sanjeevani Shakti. This flow of 32 healing energies has the capacity to go deep into the body-mind-spirit complex, removing negative energies, entities and implants, as well as releasing blockages and clearing past traumas stored in the body. Harnessing the power of kundalini activation in a safe and controlled environment, you will dive deep into your spiritual awakening, and witness the true potential of sacred geometry, crystals and energy healing.

You will not only be the receiver of plentiful love and healing energy throughout this process; you will also be given the tools and knowledge needed to channel energy yourself. You will learn to build mandalas using sacred geometrical symbols, crystals and other tantric and shamanic tools, equipping you with pure, natural and powerful allies to offer healing and support to many others on your path.

Each workshop flows in accordance with its participants and the healing that is undertaken, and growing. We spend our days listening, learning, meditating, chanting, sharing, healing. However the workshop allows participants to :-

  • Receive sacred Shaktipat initiations to activate and awaken your Kundalini and Sanjeevani Shakti energies
  • Learn how to cultivate and channel Kundalini energy through your own channel, to use this sacred feminine power for healing yourself and others
  • Learn and practice various ancient yogic and tantric techniques and meditations that will allow you to go deeper on your path of healing and transformation
  • Learn to work, activate and programme crystals & awaken your psychic abilities
  • Learn how to use and activate sacred geometry symbols and yantras for psychic work, healing, purification, manifestation, meditation, protection and more
  • Learn how to build mandalas of sacred geometric symbols, crystals and other tantric and shamanic tools.
  • Learn the qualities and powers of crystals and stones, coming to know where and when they can be used to enhance healing energies
  • Learn how to create a sacred space for healing, and learn how to format a one-on-one healing session

You will also have the chance to experience the power of several different alchemical medicines (Navapashanam) that support the healing process.


“The Elixir of Youth”


Navapashanam is a unique and sacred alchemical preparation of 4,320 ingredients carefully combined in a very specific manner to purify the nine metals that are contained within the elixir.

This special alchemical medicine was created more than 5,000 years by the great Siddha Bhogar Anat.  These days, only a handful of Siddha masters are capable of making this unique, complex elixir.

Infused with unconditional love and grace, Navapashanam is more than just a simple remedy — it is cosmic life force energy incarnate.

Revitalising malfunctioning organs, attacking diseases at their root cause, Navapashanam has been known to bring about miraculous physical transformations, vitality and longevity.

Navapashanam is made of divine consciousness and has infinite potential for awakening the self and increasing the ability to absorb and retain energy, power and strength, allowing you to transcend duality and transmute negative energy into light.

In addition to the Navapashanam, Crystal mandalas also make a vital part of the engine of this ancient practice, and their use for healing has been resurfaced in recent years through the channel of the Siddhas. The mandalas are compiled using a combination of sacred geometry, crystals, stones, tantric and shamanic objects. This technology allows us to open portals, creating a bridge between the physical reality and higher dimensions.

Each mandala is unique and created using intuition during a meditative process. It is therefore created according to what is needed in the present moment, ‘catching the uniqueness of every moment,’ allowing true potential to be manifested in this reality.The healing that takes place is therefore very deep, and so we are able to access and remove blockages, and untangle karmic knots from this life and also from past lives.


Facilitator: Dani Sher

Dani was born in South Africa and raised in Israel, until setting off for India in search of the unknown. He explored various styles of yoga, meditation and healing methods before stumbling across Siddha Guru Avdhoot Baba Shivanand in early 2000. His life was to change. He spent the next few years living with the Guru in his house, embarking on a powerful, spiritual journey. Spending his days studying and meditating intensively enabled Dani to realise the huge healing potential of the Siddha system.


Dani has been living in India for more than 15 years spreading his vast and varied body of knowledge, helping countless others face their fears and transform their lives. He has integrated his experiences to develop a bespoke and unique system that he refers to as ‘Siddha Kundalini Healing’. Awakening of Kundalini, the divine life-force energy within us all, is a vital component to his work. He recognises the importance of purification on all levels – mental, physical and spiritual, in order to align Kundalini and Shaktipat energies. His all-encompassing approach combines alchemical Navapashanam medicines, the power of crystals, sacred geometry, mandalas, Kundalini yoga, Shaktipat initiations and Siddha rituals. Channeling these healing frequencies, he works to quieten the egoic mind, open the heart, rejuvenate the body and purify the soul. Dani masterfully helps many others reconcile the fundamental conflicts within themselves, manifesting results that can only be described as miraculous.

Date: 16th – 18th Feb, 2018

Check In : 16th Feb (9:45 AM)

Check Out : 18th Feb (6:30 PM)

Contact : Shia
Phone : +91 9717469268
Email :


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