If U can speak, U can Sing

“Music therapy workshop- Journey from Inner to Outer Voice”

In this workshop will you learn:

  • About awareness of listening – silence and sound.
  • Meditate with Tibetan bowl and the right way to pronounce Aum – the first sound of the universe.
  • Breathing techniques and right exercises to muscles the vocal cords.
  • Connect with your inner voice and discover the journey to the outer voice. 
  • Say the right words and sing the right way.
  • Theory of indian classical music and the connection of raagas in harmony with nature. 


Bonus! Learn a mantra as a shield to empower the self and as a protection for positive emotions.

Facilitator : Tritha Sinha

Originally from Calcutta, Tritha is a child prodigy in music. One of India’s most promising musicians Tritha is a rising figure in India and Europe, not only as a singer and performer but also as a strong and modern Indian woman fighting for Women’s freedom and independence.

Tritha’s picture has been traveling all over the world in 2011 and 2012 with the exhibition – ‘Women Changing India’, organized by the Magnum Photo Agency from Paris and BNP Paribas. Tritha was also featured in BBC and in the most popular music show TRACKS on TV channel Arte. French TV show of Canal Plus, Les Nouveau Explorateurs, featured Tritha as a young Indian classical musician making unique contemporary styles.

She began studying Indian classical music at 5 years old in the Agra, Patiala and Bishnupur gharana and has never stopped. She is now mastering the intricacies and techniques of Indian classical singing, thanks to the tutelage of her reputed worldwide master, guru Pandit Santanu Bandhyopadyay.

After a career on stage in Bollywood music, she decided in 2010 to devote herself to her own music and compositions. Her unique style, mixing Indian classical and psychedelic punk-rock rhythms has seduced critics and audiences alike in India as well as in Europe.

Her album “PaGli” has released on Sony Music in June 2014. Her band Tritha Electric is now representing India in various world music festivals across the globe. She is recently back in India from her 5-month tour in Europe which also had her band selected at the prestigious World Music Festival at WOMEX in Budapest in October. After which, she spent a month in America, representing India at the one-month Onebeat 2016 program and tour with 25 international socially engaged music artists in October, As an ethical desire to share her knowledge of Indian classical music and its beneficial effects for singing and meditation, Tritha conducts music and voice workshops in different parts of the world.

Date : 8th Dec 2017 (10.15 AM – 5.30 PM)


Contact : Tamanna
Phone : +91 9654322882
EMAIL : joy@zorbathebuddha.org


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