Soul Dance Meditation

Dance meditation is a meditation but instead of being seated and still, we are standing and in the flow of movement.

The session starts with a gentle warm up to relax the entire body.

Then, eyes closed, standing, the participants are guided through my instructions and soulful music to let the body express.

One experiences a great sense of freedom through this process, exploring one’s inner colours, releasing emotional blocks, transparent to one’s true nature of joy and lightness.

NOTE: No prior dance experience required

Facilitator’s Bio: Dr Gilles Chuyen

Dr Gilles Chuyen is a dancer, choreographer and spiritual channel.

Born in the south of France, he has been living in New Delhi since 1994 where he had come to for his Ph.D on socio-religious identities. This reflection on identity permeates his artistic and spiritual journey as the two questions guiding his life are “who am I ?” and “what is dance ?”.

After 4 years of complete immersion in the Art of Living Family from 1996 to 2000, he has been initiated by Gurudev at the Karmic Research Centre, New Delhi and started teaching Dance meditation.

He has performed, taught and choreographed various dance styles throughout India and over 23 countries.

He is the Director if the “In Step” Dance company presenting pieces on the energies of Nature and the essence of Life.


Date : 9th August 2020

Time : 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Contribution : 599/-

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