Sound of Sufis: Folk Concert by Sakur Khan & Group

Sakur Khan fondly likes to be known as a Sufi Singer and says that the colour white is symbolic of Sufism, as it is the colour of purity and the ‘ibaadat’ of Allah.

Words are less to describe the sheer poetry and the music which echoes in the sand dunes of Khuri of Rajasthan from where this group hails.

Bulle Shah is Sakur Khan’s favorite poet and he uses Bulle Shah’s Verse in his songs quite often.

It is an intimate affair with the artists, creating a magical aura of seeking and celebrating the divine.

The aim is to experience the poetic old world charm of traditional Sufi musical gatherings with renewed fervor.

Facilitator Bio: Sakur Khan

Sakur Khan’s family has been into Sufi musical tradition since ages,

Their songs comprise of songs which are a beautiful amalgamation of Hindu and Islamic traditions.

He comes from a rural area, prone to drought. Most of Sakur Khan’s patrons are from commoner to royal families,

Almost everyone in his family is trained in the Sufi genre of music.

Sakur Khan’s powerful voice echoes in Nachana Haveli, as he loses himself in trance.

He has performed all over India and in over 9 countries abroad including London, Turkey, Dubai, Pakistan, and Iran.

SakurKhan also teaches music to as many as 30 Students and is now titled as  ‘Ustaad’. (Master: teacher performer).

Date & Time: 17 Dec 2018 (9:00 PM – 9:30 PM)

Contribution: Free Concert.

Contact: Amit
Phone: +91 9717469268

Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST


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