Spiritual concert with a Sufi touch – Drawings from Andean mountains to Africa, from Lakota tribes to Andalucia, from Turkish ilahis to Farsi poems

The program starts with South American sacred fire smudging with purifying plants then awakening the body movements and meditational sufi breathing followed by restorative sound travel from Andean mountains to Africa, from Lakota tribes to Andalucia, from Turkish ilahis to Farsi poems.

Finally merging the hearts by bringing unity through Dances of Universal Peace and circle of sharing.

In our sessions we play: guitar, ukelele, clarinet, frame drum, koshi and kalimba.

Artist’s : Juan Bayón & Pegah Khoei

Juan Bayón was born in 1988 in Spain. He has been living between Turkey, South America and Europe, practising Sufi music and dances from the last 6 years. He learned to play clarinet from his childhood and he loves to play with friends to give a space to listen within the heart. He hosted and guided sufi gatherings in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil and Spain. Currently he is learning to lead Dances of Universal Peace, and deepening into different traditions and cultures of Middle East.



Pegah Khoei was born in Iran in 1984. She has been following her inner motivation to create a deeper connection with music and the plants kingdom, how this two can create a harmonious flow with the body, heart and mind. Holding space and guiding several plant based meditation workshops in Iran and Turkey. She has been practising Sufism and its deep connection with poetry and mystic dances of Middle East, attending sufi gathering in Turkey and Iran, creating and guiding various events of sufi dances and sufi practices in Turkey ,Iran and Thailand. Playing guitar and frame drum.

Date & Timings : 26th Jan, 2018 (5:45 PM – 7:00 PM)


Contact : Kamayani
Phone : +91 9250361909
Email : vibes@zorbathebuddha.org



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