Magic of Storytelling by Fakeera

Storytelling has always been a tool used to entertain and enrich children.

Stories make kids imagine different worlds and lost civilizations without having to move from their chairs. Each child has his/her own picturization of the same story.

They create a special relation with the magical world of stories, which many adults have forgotten.

The true message of the stories is only revealed when we listen carefully. This improves concentration and the attention span of children.



Fakeera creates  a  magical universe, weaving together stories from all around the world. She combines music, body movement and art with storytelling . This session will create the space for a beautiful bond between parent and child and increase the circle of love.

Date & Timing : 14th May & 21st May, 2017 (4.30 PM – 6.30 PM)


Contact : Bobby
Phone : +91 9654324972
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