Tantra Goddess Workshop – Return of the Goddess (For Women Only)


Welcome beautiful women to this portal into the Mysteries of the Divine Feminine. We will dive deeply into Tantra practices and Tantra Sacred Dance which are specifically designed for you to awaken and embody your Inner Goddess. Through reclaiming and embodying your Sacred Self, you can experience new depths of self love, inner beauty, and empowerment that bring transformation and ripple out into all aspects of your life.

Come to ~

~ Awaken your true essence and potential.

~ Embody the Goddess and be danced by the Divine.

~ Learn partner techniques that can bring love and transformation to your relationship.

~ Heal and empower yourself  as you discover the immense source of love within you.

~ Experience your true beauty, power, courage, vulnerability and passion.

~ Set free your wild and sacred Inner Goddess.

Facilitator Bio: Ma Deva Vibha 

Ma Deva Vibha is teaching Tantra internationally since 1990. She was initiated by the Enlightened Mystic, Osho in India in 1979. Living there, she immersed herself totally in the world of meditation and inner transformation for 25 years. She has extensively trained in Tantra and Sacred Dance with many teachers. Most notably with Mahasattvaa Ma Ananda Sarita from Tantra Essence through which Vibha is a teacher. Her offerings are in support of women honoring themselves and awakening to their true inner beauty and potential.


Date & Time : 7th – 8th Apr, 2018 (9.45 AM – 5.00 PM)


Contact : Maitri
Phone : +91 9250361903
EMAIL : happiness@zorbathebuddha.org

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