Tantra and Shamanic Retreat: Access your full natural ecstatic potential!

This workshop combines Tantra and Shamanism to give you an intense life-changing experience.

You will discover the abilities of tantra to bring harmony, happiness, love, and joy to your life, and of shamanism to ground your roots, connect with the Spirit, heal and let your soul fly.

It is a transformative journey that gives the tools for your daily path towards a higher consciousness.

Both Tantra and Shamanism are paths to liberate you from the chains of the ego, that is the protection system developed through our whole life to avoid to repeat negative past experiences, preventing at the same time to enjoy in freedom the new positive ones.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

– reclaim back your divine nature;

– ground your roots;

– connect to the universal Spirit;

– move into a joyful vital flow;

– find your healthy sexual flow;

– build trusting and nourishing relationships;

– bring consciousness to your conditioning patterns;

– express your emotional state;

– balance your Chakra system;

– create and manifest your reality.

We provide a safe and loving space to experiment and express freely yourself, building relationships based on trust and respect.

Using rituals, meditations, dances, exercises, and massages, we will do a journey, at the same time deep and playful, into our inner self.

We will practice active meditations coming from Osho teachings, they are the magical keys to open your full potential.

Rituals will bring us in a space of deep presence, allowing the magic to happen.

Conscious touch and massages will bring meditative awareness and help the flow of energy through the chakra system.

In this deep experiences, you will explore the path from your most secret instincts to the bliss of the existence.

During the workshop you will participate in these powerful rituals:

– Ritual Trance Dance: dance in the dark to find your inner light;

– Sacred Cacao Ceremony: connect with the sacred plant and find your answers;

– Fire Ritual: learn to let go;

– Soul Hunting Ritual: bring back lost pieces of your soul.

You will work individually, in couples, and in a group.

There is no nudity or sexual interactions in any activities.

During the free time, the teachers will be available for personal and couple coaching, to give the best possible support to your process.

The group is open to everybody, singles and couples, beginners and experts.

Participants in a couple will always have the choice to work with the partner.

All of our programs are in English.

Facilitator’s Bio: Dhyan Yogi & Nama Devi

Dhyan Yogi is originally a theoretical astrophysicist. After discovering Osho and Tantra, he directed all his energy and passion of researcher to the inner research, starting his spiritual tantric path and a new life.

He studied Tantra and practiced Osho meditations with the master Ma Ananda Sarita. At the same time, fascinated by the shamanic path, he became Ritual Trance Dance and Soul Hunting Facilitator, learning it directly from one of his creators, Wilbert Alix.

He extended his formation with groups on relating and sexuality at Osho Humaniversity, on women and yoni healing with Robert Silber, on shamanism at the International School of Temple Arts, and on Tantra massages in different schools.

Nama Devi is a masseuse, yoga teacher and healer. She has several years of experience in different kinds of massages, recently focusing on tantra. Nama is a certified Tantra Yoga teacher from the Shri Kali ashram in India.

She started her spiritual path with the energetic works of Reiki and Theta Healing, together with shamanic practices and rituals. Then, attracted by the research of conscious spirituality, she discovered the master Osho, became a sannyasin, and started the tantric path.

With the intention to deepen her spirituality, she learned Vipassana meditation at Wat Ram Poeng Temple in Thailand.

Today Dhyan Yogi and Nama Devi devote their life to expand consciousness using Tantra, Osho meditations, shamanic rituals, and helping individuals and couples to rediscover their own true being, energy, and flow of love.

For this they have created the school “Conscious Tantra and Shamanism”, giving private sessions and facilitating groups in Europe.

Date & Time: 7-10 March 2019 (10:00 AM – 5:30 PM)

This workshop will be conducted in English.

Contact: Simran

Phone: +91 9717469268

Email: celebrate@zorbathebuddha.org

Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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