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14th– 19th November, 2017

We are really excited to announce the Osho International Tantra Festival 2017! This year we are going all out with our theme of Divine Archetypes which is especially appropriate in this land of many million deities. Each day we will receive transmissions and incarnate qualities associated with these with special meditations and practices to anchor them into our bodies. We have a full line up of tantra workshops more that will create a guided experience deeper into Tantra. We aim to provide a really held space that allows for vulnerability and authentic transformation as well as a lot of fun and pleasure.

Supporting all this will be afternoon Biodanza classes which help bring us together as well as tantra tools – specially designed workshops covering some of the most fundamental and important aspects of tantra to help you get the most out of the festival.

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Ma SaritaMa Ananda Sarita is a world renowned Tantra Teacher and founder of Tantra Essence. She met Osho in India in 1973 and remained in his community for 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him on the subject of Meditation and Tantra. She has been teaching Tantra and Holistic Healing since 1990.

Sarita is author of two books on Tantra, which are translated into many languages. She teaches a wide range of groups and trainings, including an Empowered Woman’s Training, a 7 level training for couples, The Tantra Teachers Training, The Tantra Meditation Retreat (working with the 112 methods from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra), and the Mystic Tantra Massage Training. Sarita also teaches maximizing spirituality through sexual pleasure, using Tachyonized Tantra tools. www.tantra-essence.com

James Stevenson’s passion is to help call forth our human potential and our soul. His weave brings together more than 19 years experience in techniques, practices and information from the cutting edge of Neuroscience, Tantra, Biodanza, Shamanic & Energy Work, Integral theory and Taoist practices to create a spirituality that is rooted in the body. His evolutionary approach is to work on all lines, levels, states and parts of ourselves in bringing forth our fullest potential.

James StevensonHis work in meditation and tantra work draws on many different traditions and paths he has studied from Kashmir Shaivism, Baul mysticism, Advaita Vedanta, Vajrayana Buddhism, Integral systems and Neo-tantra. He was very much influenced by the enlightened master Osho and enjoyed spending time in Pune and the Humaniversity where he became an AUM meditation leader.

His shamanic work includes being Vision Quest rites of passage guide, holding Sweatlodge Ceremonies as well as Sacred Cacao Rituals. He is also part of the International School of Temple Arts faculty and the Regional Organizer for Asia. He has been dancing Biodanza since 2003 and now works as a teacher and a didactic teacher (qualified to teach other teachers in Biodanza Schools). He also leads ecstatic dance sessions, and ran the popular Awaken conscious night club in Edinburgh for many years. www.awakenaslove.com

Laurie HandlersLaurie Handlers is a film producer, sex educator, author, and intimacy coach. She holds a Masters degree in Education and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology. Her career includes over thirty years as a corporate change consultant, individual empowerment coach and international seminar leader.

She is a dynamic speaker, facilitator and has taught transformational workshops for women, men, couples, singles, parents and teens since 1978 on techniques and secrets that are the basis of healing the body, releasing past emotional trauma, stopping the aging process, and reducing stress.


Dhyan NitenDhyan Niten is an international Tantra teacher who facilitates trainings for singles, couples and Men. He is a member of Tantra Essence and ISTA, as well as co-founder of Ibiza Tantra Festival. Having lived for 10 years in India, he studied Indian Classical Music and received various levels of transmission in the field of Tantra. His passion for natural evolution and the subtleties of personal growth makes him a gifted facilitator.

In 2010, he founded “The Integrated Masculine” an in depth process for the modern Man. With clear insights and humour, Niten invites every participant to shake off their conditionings, breakthrough old patterns and reunite with their essential nature. Niten has trained and qualified in Shiatsu Massage, Chi Nei Tsang, Colour Light Therapy, Tachyon and Watsu. He is currently based in Ibiza, Spain. tantra-spirit.com

Shashi SollunaShashi Solluna teaches many aspects of Tantra, and is specialised in the Taoist Sexual Arts and Multi-Orgasmic Practices. This is about surrendering oneself into the flow of universal life force energy, and when this happens sexual energy may be experience as ecstasy, bliss or prayer.

Shashi lived two and a half years in Pune, and for one and a half years with Master Mantak Chia. She delivers Taoist practices in a Sannyasin style.

Xavi DomenechXavi Domenech is a contemporary mystic, he is actually one of the most recognized masters of Tantra in Spain and abroad. He defines Tantra as “to let oneself be touched by Existence.”

At the young age of 16 he began the search for Self by exploring different aspects of Tantra that rapidly and completely changed his life. As a result, this lead him to decide to abandon all social and cultural activity to further understand and delve into the spectrum of Tantra. Soon after, he came across Osho.

Within his more than 15 years of teaching experience, he has guided hundreds of courses and thousands of people. Thanks to his great communication skills, he manages to create an atmosphere of love, presence, relaxation and confidence that allows participants of his courses to delve into the transformative alchemy of Tantra in a comfortable, safe, liberating and inclusive way.

The pinnacle of his teachings is undoubtedly his 3 year-long group of personal transformation: the Tantra Training and the Tantra Teacher Training. It is offered in Spain, South America and in India, and he is its director and teacher. He is also trained in Taoist alchemy, chiromassage, Namikoshi Shiatsu, acupuncture (Akenabe method), family constellations, codependency, healing the inner child and Pulsation (bioenergetics).




Elaine YoungElaine Young is a Sexuality, Tantra, Shamanic Breathwork & Bodywork Facilitator and Guide. She facilitates events for ISTA and her own offerings in London and overseas. Elaine has a busy private client practice in London.

Elaine utilises skills from more traditional Tantra, Shamanism, Transformational Somatic Sexological Bodywork and Breathwork. She loves to work with the integration of sexuality & spirituality, the body, the mind and the soul energies. Elaine’s work with clients often begins with reconnecting them to their body and their sexual energy. She longs to support clients to live life as emotionally and sexually expressive beings.

She facilitates group sessions on Self Pleasuring, Breathwork, Genital Anatomy & Arousal, Body Orgasm, Women’s Sexuality, Naked 3 Circles Rituals and Mindful Orgasmic Yoga. Her passion is for wholeness embracing the light and dark elements of sexuality, emotional release, ego freedom, embracing your inner warrior, reclaiming your power and creativity, Self Love, somatic sex coaching, integration of the masculine and feminine, reclaiming /integration of your Shadow.


Lin HolmquistLin Holmquist is yogatherapist, yoga teacher, tantric body and energyworker and dakini. She started her journey on the shamanic path in the forrest with the stones and the lakes as guides. Later she dived in to the magic of the physical realms trough the body and the movement of life in it. When she was initiated in to tantra – both worlds met – the physical and the metaphysical.

Lin is a proud mother of two children and she travels the world arranging workshops and festivals (including one of the largest Tantra Festival in Angsbacka) and to give private sessions. Her dharma in life is to open consciousness and awareness and to spread love in the world trough her work. Her work is all about giving back all the gifts she has been receiving from life!

Niraj SkilbeckNiraj Skilbeck leads the Dorset School of Biodanza and is skilled at opening people to many aspects of Tantra such as sensitivity, sensuality, touch, affection and transcendence. Using the medium of Biodanza, a series of dance, movements and exercises that create space for a deep experience within oneself and with others. Each workshop is led as a vivencia, a space in which words are dropped and the deep wisdom of the body is entered.

Niraj has been into Biodanza since 1997, leads the teacher training program, and is also trained in the Osho Humaniversity training.

Ruth BiddlecombeRuth Biddlecombe Great Spirit guided her into the Queer Tantra community to receive soothing balm for the inevitable growing pains experienced whilst traversing psychotherapy training 9 years ago. She has long been fascinated people’s felt experience of relationships and internal worlds since starting on her personal quest for healing age 15. Blessed to have experienced transformation and training from a variety of Shamanic and Tantric practitioners: Dossie Easton with Sacred Pleasures, Barbara Carrellas of Urban Tantra, Betty Martin of the Wheel of Consent, Seani Love & Rebecca Lowrie of The School of Erotic Mysteries, Amanda Gay Love of Queer Hearted, Elaine Young: The Tantric Shaman, Janine McDonald of the Red Earth Temple and many other wondrous beings in her beloved ISTA tribe.

 She is passionate about people finding senses of home in their selves and relationships and works to collapse linguistic and energetic polarities internally and between people through running emotional and erotic energy through the body to its release. She choose to be led by the wisdom of the body as she sensed that ritually doing so is how she is meant to be in service to the Goddess. She loves to go exploring for the gold in relationships, seeking the gifts offered by the universe within each meeting with another Devine soul. She looks forward to receiving the gift that is you.

BoazBoaz offers Chakra balancing and Mystic Tantra massage sessions from the Kashmiri and Taoist traditions as well as holistic 1:1 counseling.

His path of awakening and global training is an integration of Sufi meditation practices, a Non-duality mindset, a Buddhist approach, a Feminist background and Tantric bodywork which has been greatly supported by Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita and Shantam Nisarga Dobosz, amongst others.

For Boaz, Tantra is a practice of transcending desires and transcending the ego – it is a powerful passageway into truth and authenticity through the development of the heart, body and mind. Sharing this experience with others is focused on honoring your deepest wounds and re-visiting your sexuality in a safe space enabling deep healing and engaging your life force energy as a vessel for transformation. Awakeningandtransformation.com/boazcapsouto

Roxanna YadollahiRoxanna Yadollahi is a passionate Tantrica, Shakini, Coach and Bodyworker. She´s been studying with many international spiritual, shamanic and tantric teachers around the world for more than 15 years, what makes a session with her an extraordinary experience. As a highly sensitive person she works intuitively, listening to the body and is aware of the energies within and without. Roxanna developed her own method which is named Rehearting and supports you to reconnect back and/or deeper with your heart, so that you could live more from the state of selflove and love for life in general. This will be an intuitive session, which include a mix of her skills, like Healing Touch, Relaxation training, Body Dearmouring, Full Body Orgasm, Lomi Lomi, Pranic Healing, Classic Massage, Emotional Release, tantric & shamanic methods and Coaching. You could also choose a specific session. She loves to guide clients into their full power, increasing their vibrational state and to support them to experience Love, pleasure, relaxation and healing without shame and guilt. She will also be offering Goddess sessions with Elke.

DarmarajDharmaraj is a Tantra teacher with Tantra Essence, and ‘Elite Certified Tantra Educator’ (ECTE) with Source School of Tantra Yoga, holistic healer, transformational facilitator, and intimacy coach. A Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD), Dharmaraj left his career as a medical professional in the US to follow his soul calling of becoming an international Tantra teacher and healer.

Dharmaraj gives integrative holistic healing sessions, combining elements of Tantra, Tachyon healing, Colour Light / Colorpuncture Therapy, Shamanism, Angelic Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and massage. For his bodywork offerings, Dharmaraj offers Mystic Tantra Massage, Kashmiri Tantra Massage, Sacred Yoni Healing Massage, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage, and Intuitive Healing Massage.

Dharmaraj’s dexterity with a myriad of healing modalities contribute to his proficiency in providing comprehensive holistic healing based on the clients’ individualized needs. He offers sessions, coaching, and groups in Europe, Asia, and USA.

Sy BaldersonSy Balderson holds a safe and nurturing space in which you, as a woman, are invited to fully embrace the goddess within. Drawing on Shamanic and Tantric techniques he will guide you on a journey into your yummiest & most divine self.

Sy and Ash together offer Couples Love Coaching sessions where they offer a combination of bodywork and coaching to help enliven and juicify your relationship! You can create your own bespoke session together with them, choosing whatever feels good for you in the moment. They share from the experience of their 22 years together through a variety of mediums including Tantra, Sacred Sexual & Shamanic Healing, Sexological Bodywork, energetic awareness & Conscious Touch. They bring this wealth of relationship & loving experience to everything they do.



Ash BaldersonAsh Balderson offers One-to-One Love Coaching for men where she invites you to step into your deepest sense of presence and awareness through delicious Tantric bodywork. Through Deep and Delicious one-to-one sessions she will gently and delightfully uncover a quality of aliveness and joy in your body that will astonish you!

Ash and Sy together also offer two-to-one sessions where you can experience the deliciousness of four-handed bodywork where the masculine and feminine energy are flowing and playing together with you. This is a real indulgence for your body and a delightful healing experience for your heart. This is a very popular session with men and women alike and a session with us is an invitation to come and discover your deepest delicious self.



Elke Verena PallanElke Verena Pallan is a professional in different healing methods of bodywork and energywork. She started her personal journey on the path of ancient celtic wisdom, exploring spiritual femininity in womens circles. After this opening she reconnected to her intuitive indigenous roots of andean shamanism which has led her as well to the path of Tantra. After many years of training and working in the field of self development, spiritual growth, shamanism and tantra with international teachers, her inner fire is now burning for fascilitating people on their own path to self-empowerment and self-embodiment. through sessions, workshops and retreats.

A session with Elke may be a clear request of one or more of the following methods, like SEM (a unique sexual energy healingmassage), Body Dearmouring, Emotional Releasing, Kinesiologic Chakrabalancing & Meridianbalancing, Access consciousness Energetic Bodyprocesses, Shamanic Energywork, Shakini Healing. Or you may choose an individual unique session where Elke is following her intuition and the energy of what your body requires and you are willing to receive. She is passionate to support you to let go of everything that keeps you from being YOU. She will also be offering Goddess sessions with Roxanna.

For Registration and Enquiry, Contact:

Program Coordinator: Bhakti

Email: delight@zorbathebuddha.org

Tantra Festival India 2017: Would you like to know more?

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