Tattva Festival 

‘Tattva’ in Sanskrit means ‘reality’ or ‘truth.’ This residential festival is a celebration of our True Self without the embellishments of ego, money and social status. It’s all about going back to the basics… where the ‘Self’ exists in its pure elemental form.

In the luscious energy of Zorba the Buddha, you will find a chance to indulge in the joyful experience of self-exploration. People from different walks of life … homemakers, artists, musicians, office goers, expats, facilitators, diplomats… come together to celebrate the individual and the whole with music, dance, art, food, bonding & a whole array of workshops and activities. We have the choice to participate in sessions of pottery-making, dancing, singing, meditation, yoga, whirling, painting, cooking… all gifted by the participants like you and me.

The Tattva Festival is the darling of Zorba the Buddha, celebrated like we would celebrate our daughter’s wedding!  Join us for these soulful and sacred three days and embrace the spirit of Tattva.

Some of the attractions:

  • Shamanic Ceremony
  • Community Art
  • Community Cooking
  • Drum Circle
  • Musical Concerts
  • Singing Circle
  • Bowl Singing
  • Dance Movement Therapy
  • Belly Dancing


  • Bollywood Dancing
  • Kids Workshop
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Tarot

We all respect a few unspoken Tattva Facets:

Pure, uninhibited Self Expression – be it face paints or fancy dresses, musical jamming, or even simply sitting quietly. You are absolutely free to do what you want!!

No Judgment & Community Living – we don’t judge people and we are, in return, gifted with this liberating feeling of not being judged – we can laugh out loud, dance the way we want, sing at the top of our voices, act as silly as we can!!!  No worries — the community will take care of things and each other

Gift Economy – Except for the nominal contribution for the stay and meals, we will not involve money in any of our interactions for the weekend. We will learn to gift as much as we can.

Love for Nature – We understand that it is a daunting task, but if possible, we would want you to leave Zorba the Buddha more beautiful than you found it! Also, it means that we will all be aware of our surroundings and not litter.

Participation in the festival is absolutely free. We only contribute a minimal cost for our stay and meals at Zorba the Buddha.

Scholarships are available for Performing and Visual Artists.

What others say about TATTVA!!

“Tattva was 3 days of fun, laughter, sharing and learning… I so enjoyed my time there, where each moment was a celebration of life!!”

-Deepika Kumar

“The Tattva festival is truly a magical experience. The perfect mix of community living, personal growth and a whole lot of fun. I recommend it to everyone!”

-Neel Shah

“Once you have been there, Zorba the Buddha takes roots and grows inside you. Its most rocking fest, Tattva, is like a magnetic field that pulls out the best in you. You experiment. You explore. You share. You rejoice life. It was such an amazing experience that I just cannot compare it with any concert or trip or event that I have ever attended or participated in.”

– Archana Chaudhry

“Tattva, as the name suggests has been one of the most magnificent times bonding with my soulmates who too are journeying through this life sharing their gifts with one another. The cherry on the cake is that it happens at Zorba, the place that has been instrumental in my evolution as an individual. This festival definitely has something for everyone! Many beautiful memories, friends for lifetimes and unending fun 🙂 love You all.”

-Bharat Sachdeva

“In this era of urban isolation, fake and dry virtual socializing, Tattva fest offered a community island for reversal… it’s dampening!”

-Deepak Tandon

HEALING TEAM: There is a team of healers offering different sessions of Therapy and Bodywork (from Deep Tissue Massage, Reiki, Breathwork, couple counseling and more)to support, empower and deepen our experience.

MUSIC TEAM: We have a team of musicians from different part of the world will come together to create magic with us and support the transformational journey.

Festival Details: (2 nights & 3 days)

Date & Time:

18 – 20 October

Check in on 18 October, Between 2-4 pm

Festival finishes on 20 October, 8.30 pm (Dinner Included)

Check out on 20 October at 9 pm

Contact : Sonali
Phone : +91 9311131096
Email :  joy@zorbathebuddha.org


Contact : Kriti
Phone : +91 9717469268
Email : connect@zorbathebuddha.org

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Please note:

*** Tattva is an Alcohol-Free Event.