Tattva Festival Autumn 2017

Come as you are. Discover all you can be.

With the Burning Man Festival providing the initial inspiration, Tattva Festival at Zorba the Buddha has grown into India’s very own and truly unique celebration of personal joy, communal connection and individual transformation.

There really is nothing like it. Individuals of all sorts – artists, students, office-goers, homemakers, kids – gather to create together a magical space of freedom, growth and radical self-expression. Beyond judgment, at Tattva you are invited to join us as you really are, and expand yourself into everything you want to be.

In this 9th edition there will be a whole range of activities, including Intuitive Drawing, Pottery, Belly Dancing, Bollywood, Creative Movement Therapy, Experimental Theatre, Yoga & Transformational Workshops, Live music & Baul Singing, Evening Jams & Concerts, Variety Show and Fire Ceremony.



From inception to completion, Tattva is co-created by all its participants. We meet every fortnight over Potluck Lunches, and assume responsibility for different activities . In the spirit of community living, we work together and bring Tattva to life.

For just a few days we live in a different way – a better way – a vision of community and togetherness. 

Tattva generates meetings and communication completely outside your normal social circle, allowing new friendships that can last a lifetime.

All the workshops are offered as gifts, nothing is charged for. Beyond a nominal charge for accommodation and food, everything at Tattva Festival is free (especially ourselves!)

At Tattva, we accept each other just the way we are. You may paint your face or wear feathers instead of clothes; you will not be judged.

Dates : 30th Sept – 2nd Oct, 2017

Contact : Bobby                                     
Phone : +91 9654324972
Email : evolve@zorbathebuddha.org 

Please note:

*** We are offering scholarships to visual and performing artistes.

*** Tattva  is an Alcohol Free Event.

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