The Art of Breath Work & Slow Movement

A unique 2 hour workshop where breath work meets slow movement. Connecting with the physical, emotional, energetic bodies through music and awareness.

It’s a journey of experience. Consciously dissolving into awareness through breath work and slow movements.

When we breathe consciously and deeper, a greater amount of energy is ingested in our bodies increasing oxygen intake allowing our systems to recharge feeling amazingly open and connected.

Connection can easily increase by sitting contemplating doing nothing but breathing.

Meditation is the state of awareness and consciousness, fully surrender and acceptance to the universe’s will. Meditation is mindfulness, presence and unity

Deep breath Inducing a deep meditative state, slowly moving with full awareness talking and listening to your body’s needs, healing painful spots, calming your mind and awakening your inner self.

Facilitator’s Bio: Pablo Gascon

His journey into Yoga started when he was twenty years old back in Spain. Since then Pablo fell in love with Yoga and its magic.

For Pablo Yoga its a way to calm the mind and feel himself connected to the present moment and divine energy, today he is already recognized as a professional workshop facilitator all over the world.

One of Pablo’s strength is his ability to create a safe and beautiful space for people to connect and have fun dancing, moving, flowing with music and body’s expressions.

Pablo’s classes are designed in the present moment, honoring the great spirit following its guidance, adjustments, corrections and detailed explanations are delivered by him to make his classes fun and deep.

Date: 20th March 2020

Timings: 11:15 AM – 01:30 PM 

Dinner/Lunch: Lunch


Contact: Shirish +91 9560059085



Contact: Daksh +91 89295 10220


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