The Concert – Sound In Silence

Davide Swarup is well known as the Hand Pan pioneer, internationally since 2005. Erich Lehna, from Arambolla Project, will join with his guitar FX. This unique duo has the ability to combine the beauty of the Hand Pan with the modern sounds from Erich Lehna and their frequencies indeed convey a strong feeling of inner harmony.  A deep journey trough improvisation and meditation. A rare and beautiful opportunity to enjoy beautiful music that will take you without effort in the present moment. You are all invited to experience this evening of relaxed bliss. The duo established a band called Arambolla Project in 2016.



Artists: Davide Swarup & Erich Lehna

Davide Swarup is often said to be a soul player. As a hang musician, a very unique one, he inspires and blows the mind away from thoughts or mental mechanisms.

Listening to his melodies is a way of meditating as he himself plays in a meditative state, allowing the music to come to him. While composing music, his body, hands and fingers, so relaxed and smooth, become the translation of a beyond as well as the pure expression of the ‘here’ and ‘now’.

One of Davide’s favorite sentences is: “let’s see what happens”. This very “happening” is as a way to enhance each and every moment that comes and goes. Attending Davide Swarup’s concert one can witness and feel the subtle and invisible energy coming along with the vibrations of his Hang. The musician seems to be a channel for the divine to be heard, speaking to our heart and to a deeper part of ourselves.

 While busking, Davide has often seen passers-by walk past him, then suddenly stop to listen. Something, an inner and thirsty room in the soul, holds them and craves his music.

For Davide’s part, things are very simple. As he says, “I just play what I love”.


Erich Lehna:

Erich Lehna is a traveler between worlds. In music and on earth.

Born in the 60‘s as a child of rock and jazz, he later studied classical music. He lived in many countries and played the music of many cultures with local musicians as soloist and in band projects.

From middle east till the highlands of Scotland, from flamenco in Andalusia till Celtic melodies from Breton, from Indian raga till African grooves.

As a live performing artist he developed a unique style of a guitar based world fusion. His versatility and virtuosity inspire the listener and his emotional play touches the heart.

And he still has sand in his shoes from his last walk in the desert.

Date & Time: 18th April, 2018 (6:15 PM – 7:45 PM)

Contact : Sauvik
Phone: +91 9717469268