Nirvana Dosa Concert – World Music With Indian Classical & Folk

Nirvana Dosa will be an eclectic blend of sounds from Folk and Ethnic India with Classical elements fused with World Music.  It is a light-hearted entertaining music concert, integrating a narrative that motivates us to explore our passions and opening ourselves to love.

The melodies that flow through the artists are influenced by street music and folk expressions from the rural landscapes of south India and Bengal, and some influenced by the Hindustani Classical Traditions.

This evening will be a coming together of sorts, as all the creative expressions that have emerged from the magical journey of the producer and performer Mehboob Sohel, will be given sound. A spicy mix of ambient and uptempo groove, this performance will be a cross-genre entertainer.

Artist’s Bio: Sohel Mehboob, Varun Lulla & Mehdi Dehbandi

An ex-corporate CEO who quit everything overnight and became a sacred geometry artist, musician and a healer. His radical switch from a profit-seeking chief executive to a passion-seeking artist and healer coincided with the date extensively linked with the 2012 phenomenon stories.

Music came into his life as a divine calling during 2015, prior to which he did not play any instruments. Self-taught he since has become a master of the Sitar, Bansuri, Ek tar and Morchung and has performed at some of the most prestigious stages since.

Self-learnt he believes music and art are closely linked to spiritual expression and the necessary ingredient for this opening is to simply tune into the universal harmonics through meditation.

The Director, Artist and Producer of Nirvana Dosa, he integrates the influences of south India tunes along with musical styles from the places he has travelled and lived across the world.

Varun H Lulla headed to Rajasthan when he fell in love with the moorchunga after a friend introduced him to it. At the source, he picked up its rhythms from master makers in Jaisalmer and traditional musicians and returned to spread his passion for these ancient instruments.

 As the founder of the music brand, SangeetAnand, he’s been in performing, teaching, making and selling Moorchungas, Kalimbas, singing frogs and other tribal instruments for over 10 years. He is currently designing a multi-sensory experience through sound, light, dance and fragrance to tell a story about plants and their music through their bio rhythms.

As an artist and a revolutionary with a message  – he devotes enormous time to the City Farming Movements as well as Making Fruit Forests and Off The Grid Living Spaces. Look him up, also if you wish to have a Butterfly attracting fragrant garden as a performance space or where you wish to throw a circus of the dedicated and devoted into a pool of creative freedom.

Multi-instrumentalist, music ideologist/composer/producer/researcher Mehdi Learned flamenco guitar as a primary instrument at an early age and continued to experiment with different styles of music from Hindustani and middle eastern to rock and roll and jazz.

Over the years he learned and mastered the art of playing and making tribal instruments like didgeridoo and various flute forms and experimenting with modern age gadgets and synthesizers.

Over the past years, Mehdi has conducted various workshops on the evolution of music and musical instruments that ranges from the introduction of indigenous instruments to uses of cutting-edge modern technology devices.  His ideas and performances have been showcased in many corporate events. He also participated in several events as a special guest and judge for talent hunts and youth festivals.

After contributing to various projects Mehdi formed SMAKED (previous name SMAKMahadeV) with his old pal as a musical  “folktronica” due and since then released albums and EPs worldwide and till today performing live mostly focusing on addressing society issues, Human rights and war policies.

Date and Time: 14th July 2018 (6:15 PM – 8:00 PM)

Contribution: Free event, access fee to ZTB: INR 200/-

A hat will be offered for the artists. 

Contact: Punam
Phone : +91 9250361903


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