THE MAGIC CUBE – The Ultimate Containment Field


This High Magic Class teaches you how to use the Energy of The Magic Cube, which is magic squares in 3 dimensions to define the way the Energy will flow in a specific environment or a specific person.

It works on all aspects of Consciousness, Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual.

It contains the Energy with healthy boundaries and colors it as it flows through someone or somewhere, according to your intentions.

This amazing tool will help you to :

  • Stabilize the energy around you or around a space.
  • Heal your boundaries (For example if you are too empathic).
  • Support and boost manifestation of any kind with clear intentions.
  • Bring a coherent structure into your life that serves your purpose.
  • Protect someone or a space from psychic attacks.
  • Ground yourself in your mastery.
  • Attract only the energies you want in your life.

Students get a PDF manual.

Facilitators Bio: Demian Haye

DEMIAN HAYE is the teacher of Magic Vibrations Healing School. He’s giving different healing workshops since 2005 and supports his students to empower and heal themselves. He blends quantum understanding, shamanic techniques and different energy healing modalities in his unique way. Since 2017, he is a teacher of Light Language and is the first and only person to teach it in India.

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Date and Time: 9th June 2018 (11:00 AM – 4:30 PM)

Contact: Bobby
Phone : +91 9654324972


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