MAGIC CUBE : Manifest your intentions easily by creating healthy boundaries

In this class, you will learn an ancient High magic tool, the magic Cube that allows you to define clearly the way you want to manifest your intentions in life.

We will create Cube templates that will go in our energetic field to support the definition of our boundaries, and therefore bring our intentions into reality.

It will strengthen our energetic boundaries with : the material plane, the spiritual plane, our hability to give and receive, our past and future.

The students will be able to create Cube templates for themselves, for others or for communities.

This is a tool for easy and efficient manifestation and for helping us to remain in our center.

We will define with intentions each aspect of our consciousness, in order to bring what we want/need in all the fields of our life.

It is really useful for people who ;

  • lack healthy boundaries (give too much, are stuck in the past, too spiritual, not grounded..)
  • have difficulties to be Here and Now
  • have difficulties to manifest their dreams
  • lack direction in life
  •  experience extreme and harmful situations
  •  want to structure their life
  •  feel they are attacked or persecuted
  • need to find balance and harmony in any aspect of their life

We will create together Cube templates for communities, and for each of the participant, according to their needs.

A manual is provided that help the students to choose the way they create their cube templates.

Facilitators Bio: Demian Haye

DEMIAN HAYE is the teacher of Magic Vibrations Healing School. He’s giving different healing workshops since 2005 and supports his students to empower and heal themselves. He blends quantum understanding, shamanic techniques and different energy healing modalities in his unique way. Since 2017, he is a teacher of Light Language and is the first and only person to teach it in India.

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Date and Time: 9th June 2018 (11:00 AM – 4:30 PM)

Contact : Sauvik

Phone : +91 9717469268

Email :


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