Unlock your Horoscope Potential – Your Personalized Power Yantra Workshop

Unlock your Horoscope Potential is a first of its kind- a powerful astrological yantra that helps you make the empowered choices in your life on an everyday basis.

This yantra is created based on your personal horoscope and hence is unique to yourself.

It applies the principles of most scientific and accurate system of Energy Matrix Astrology to provide rating to all the dimensions of your life like career, money, relationship, happiness, friends, health, etc.

It places all these areas of life in four different quadrants and helps you understand the following: –

  1. Areas of your life that are highly beneficial as well as highly impactful. You must include these as much as possible in every choice you make and develop strategies that maximizes these.
  2. Areas of your life that are highly beneficial but are of low impact nature. You need to energize these areas consciously and enhance their role to get better results in your life.
  3. Areas that are problematic and yet are highly impactful. You must work on such areas spiritually to transform the negative events into positive ones. These areas are the gateway to your evolutionary leap in life.
  4. Areas that are non-problematic and low impact ones, which can largely be overlooked. As you become aware of these areas, you can direct your energies more productively.

This power package also comes with a group tutorial which enables you to understand your own power yantra as well as utilize it to empower your choices on day to day basis.

You also get to experience highly effective and transformational synthesis process, which is derived from the most modern scientific insights of Quantum Mechanics.

We will conduct two different synthesis processes – first to resolve your astrological afflictions in difficult areas of your life; second to capitalize on your yet unrealized blessings.

Facilitator’s Bio: Quanto Shivo

Quanto Shivo is the inventor of Quantology, an evolved mystic and a creation coach. He was lovingly nick named as “Quanto” after he declared the quantum science as the future religion for humanity. He has invented many psychic tools including invocation of gods, process of synthesis, identity dissolution, energy transformation and soul identity revelation process. He is also the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, a unique tool to discover our highest potential. He also applies these tools to guide entrepreneurs, leaders and creators to become magnets so that success is attracted as opposed to them chasing success

Date & Time: 17 Feb 2019 (9:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

This workshop will be conducted in English.

Contact: Leela

Phone: +91 9654324972

Email: evolve@zorbathebuddha.org

Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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