Vision Quest is an ancient rite of passage that has been used by indigenous cultures all over the world since the beginning of the human evolution to find one’s true calling and receiving a vision from the Great Spirit. We will begin the retreat with the Sweat Lodge, one of the most sacred Native American purification rituals. Then, for four nights and four days we will fast from all things familiar including food and water. As you sink into the solitude of the space we’ve created, you will be able to hear the whispering of your soul reminding you why you came here in this life.

Vision Quest gives you a clear vision of your spiritual path and opens the door to your higher purpose. This ritual helps you gain insights through soul journey, a direct connection with your spirit guides or a simple message. Spirits, allies and ancestors are called upon to enable you to seek your vision. Use this opportunity to come face to face with yourself, and get to know more deeply who you are and who you are not. Find the gifts and power within yourself. I will visit you every morning and evening to provide you with guidance at every step of the way and the necessary tools to process the insights you will receive. I will bring you out of your room every night so you can spend some time in nature.

A Sweat Lodge will be held on the last night after which we will finally break our fasts! We’ve scheduled a closing session on the last day. You are welcome to invite friends to support you during the ceremony. They can join you in the lodge and partake in the celebrations on the last day, in person or through their prayers.

Come and experience the great mysteries of life and the joy that comes from realising your true purpose.

The ceremony will be guided by Luca De Santis-Firewolf.

Vision Quest will be preceded by a two-day Shamanic Breathwork Retreat, which will be prepare the participants for the process.



Prem Luca began his spiritual journey early on. He encountered his first spiritual teacher at 16 and has been meditating ever since. His seeking spirit brought him to India at the age of 23, where he travelled with many sadhus. But it was arriving at Poona that changed the course of his spiritual life. He took Osho sannyas in 1980 and became of a part of the amazing community in Oregon and then again in Poona.

For several years he travelled around Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Perù and Brazil. In the process, he embraced the Shamanic way with medicine plants. Prem Luca has been working together with Manitonquat (Medicine Story) for over 20 years spreading the message of the Circle way, leading sweat lodges and Vision Quests. He has translated three of Manitonquat’s books: The Circle Way, The Original Instructions and Changing The World.

Prem Luca has been trained as a Rebirther Breathworker by Leonard Orr and has followed the Holotropic Breath with Stan Grof. He has been leading Awareness Breath workshops since 15 years.

Osho’s presence and devotion to the Path of Love is tangible in all his work.

Event Details:-

Date: 3rd  to 9th March, 2017


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