Women Circle – The Magic of Being A Woman

Woman circle is a sacred space of sisterhood, where you can experience the true nature of your woman being. We are born in a woman body, and it’s a precious gift given to us by nature, to feel our woman energy, to feel earth, feel our womb, heart, feel connecting with our wise woman’s  nature.

Through special meditation, ancient Dao and tantric instrument we can reconnect with our woman energy, make it in balance, and come back to our self as we are born free and happy!

In program:

– deep connection with the earth and womb through breathing and chanting;
– sacral woman meditation, connecting with the higher self;
– woman Dao massage and exercises;
– sisterhood sharing;
– dancing and celebrating.

As a result you will feel yourself more open, juicy, happy, grounding, free and joyful! The collective energy will naturally bring you back in this sweet feeling of being a woman.

Be a woman is a sweet, joy, love and happiness. Be a woman is a deep, dark and soft, tender, passion, blossom and bliss.

Let’s reconnect together with grace to be a woman.

Facilitator Bio : Maya Devi

Psychologist, leader of woman’s circle, woman dao practices (Certified facilitator) mysteries, woman tantra. Osho meditation certified facilitator. Individual psychologist consulting 5 years, leading woman retreats in Russia and other countries.

Date & Time : 26th Mar, 2018 (5.45 PM – 8.00 PM)


Contact : Shozo
Phone : +91 9654322882
EMAIL : explore@zorbathebuddha.org

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