Krishnamacharya Tradition Yoga, Tibetan Pulsing Healing & Kundalini Meditation

Join us for a 2-day workshop to learn how to nourish, heal and empower self using body, breath and mind.

This workshop offers sessions in these streams for deep well-being:


Sri Krishnamacharya Yoga

Sri Krishnamacharya taught a profound approach to Yoga to help move towards inner balance and well-being.

Yoga works with our energy called Prana and our thoughts and emotions, which govern most aspects of our lives.

Yoga is a path to help discover oneself and find greater ease and freedom.

The sessions with Apoorva will include working with the body, breath, and mind in the morning as well as some theoretical and self reflective sessions in the afternoon.

We will take home some simple, effective practices, and better understanding of self.


Tibetan Pulsing Healing

Tibetan Pulsing is an ancient technique originated in monasteries of Tibet, which helps discharge negative energy imprints by applying pressure to different points.

We will be using pulsing healing techniques to heal the hara and transform sufferings into blessings.

The sessions with Parambodhi will support us in letting go of tensions, dissolving shocks, healing the hara, and coming home to self.


Kundalini Meditation

Yoga describes Kundalini as a storehouse of energy which is described as a serpentine at the base of our spine.

In this meditation, we will awaken this energy by shaking, dancing, stillness and meditative silence.

Kundalini Meditation helps to improve sleep quality, emotional balance, and focus.

This powerful session with Ashwin will help melt fears, anxiety, lethargy, and transform them into bliss.


Drums & Dance with Sacred Circle

Drums & Dance starts with live drums and dhols where we dance freely.

It ends with Sacred Circle where we bond with self and others to feel the oneness of energies.

The session led by Ashwin will help release stress, open up to people, and feel more confident.



About the Facilitators

Architect and painter, Parambodhi began his spiritual journey in the 70s after his encounter with his master Osho. He was introduced to Tibetan Pulsing by Shantam Dheeraj in the 80s. At the moment, he shuttles between Milan (Italy), Wangen (Germany) and Goa (India).




Apoorva used to work as a marketing executive in New York City and moved back to India in 2005 to pursue her passion for Yoga. She has trained and worked extensively in the tradition of Krisnamacharya for more than a decade now. She teaches yoga with the intention of helping people experience personal transformation and growth through simple practices. She has been deeply inspired by her discovery of Yoga as a foundation of Indian psychology systems and a powerful framework for examining the mental and emotional frameworks of human behaviour. Apart from extensive training and practice as a Yoga Therapist, Apoorva has certified as a Coach with Tao Coaching Academy and is pursuing her Fellowship in Process Work with Sumedhas Academy for Human Context.


Ashwin Bharti is living and spreading Osho’s vision of Zorba the Buddha — a haven where celebration and meditation melt into each other. In his quest for self discovery, he has traveled the full circle, starting from a glimpse of Satyam to Sundaram and Shivam and back in a wholesome way to Satyam! Over the years, Ashwin has received transmissions from various masters in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Shamanism, Creative Arts and Music. With his reservoir of knowledge and experience Ashwin has now turned towards teaching a range of meditation techniques.

Program Schedule:

7:30 am – 9:00 pm

March 18 & 19, Sat & Sun


Rush to avail the first 5 registrations offer!



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