On the hottest days, Delhi gets over 45 degrees Celsius!

This means that our bodies must work harder to stay cool in this weather.

In this unique workshop, we learn specific yoga asanas and get ayurvedic diet consultation to beat the heat and cool our bodies from within.

We will get to know our ‘Dosha’ by an easy test and learn how to counter it.

We will finish the workshop with a guided meditation to further relax and cool the body.

The aim is to prevent those uncomfortable side effects which heat can give us for example fatigue, nausea or headache.

This evening will be both cooling and stress releasing.

Come, let us:

1. Learn techniques to cool down on hot days

2. Prevent heat dangers and symptoms

3. Know our ‘Dosha’ according to Ayurveda

About Alexandra Ahlblad:

Sophia Alexandra Ahlblad is a yogini from Finland who travels now in India to gain wisdom of this ancient way of life (Yoga) and how to apply it in your everyday life as a healing method, de-stresser, rejuvenator, and anti-ager, without ever forgetting the unity with body-mind-spirit and the Divine.

She is now also learning of the philosophy of Tantra Yoga and the divine feminine and masculine.

Her vision is to reach to as many people as possible with Yoga and its power, so people can realize and explore their magic through it.

She believes that it is amazing what all we can realize on the mat that we can take off the mat.

Date & Time: 30th July 2019 (5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)

Contact: Kriti

Phone: +91 7290062030


Please Call between 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST

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