Hurray! 4th edition of Zorba Kids Festival is back. It’s time for some summertime madness!

Let your child prosper with love, beauty and sensitivity. This five-day happiness camp for children aged 5 to 12 years is designed to nurture and celebrate the uniqueness of each child.

–  Story telling                              –  Food art   

–  Creative writing                         –  Meditation

–  Treasure hunt                            –  Pottery 

–  Sound healing                           –  Creative Movement                                                            

 –  Body rhythm

–  Bamboo instrument making                           

Leadership rules the world of children, that’s the beauty of childhood. Leadership skills will be taught in an involving play manner through narratives, role plays and creative games.

Facilitators will create magic with young hearts in the vibrant space of Zorba the Buddha, abundant with tranquil gardens, reflective ponds, peacocks, ducks and waterfalls.

Let’s take this opportunity for holistic growth of our children.

*This camp will support 5 scholarships for underprivileged children*

*Sibling discount: 10%

*Group discount(5 or more): 15%

Mark has conducted these workshops for over ten years. An architect and a teacher of architecture and graphics for the last twenty-seven years, Mark has a vast experience of teaching at several reputed architecture and design institutions. The ‘Art of Seeing’ program evolved out of researching the techniques of teaching drawing and visualization. From his early years, Mark has been attracted to art and has been a keen student of fine draughtsmanship. He has also done illustrations professionally.  Mark takes great joy in teaching and deeply respects the individuality of each learner with the firm belief that everyone is an artist at heart.

Swapna Maini is an Artist, Film-maker and Art Educator. Her Art and her films are inspired by rich symbolism and insight derived from spiritual, cultural and social themes that are often the subject of her extensive research. She is also a trained Kathak dancer and a continuing student of this sacred art form.

Swapna’s films are unique art projects that blend powerful social messages on subjects like women’s empowerment and the education of the girl child, with the aesthetics and beauty of India’s classical arts. She often leads her students in art projects outside the four walls of her studio, working with paint, photography, film and classical dance to evoke potent social themes.

Training under the master studio potter Rachna Prasher, Neha is a well-known potter based in Delhi. Participated in group shows exhibitions fairs  India habitat Centre AIFACS Swiss embassy and other fairs. She received professional training in high-temperature stoneware techniques under Rachna Prasher and in low-temperature glazing techniques from Andretta Pottery- Himachal Pradesh under Mansimran Singh. She has also taught Pottery and  Clay modelling at Rishi Gurukulam School in Pune.

Rahul Sharma is a Tabla player, he has BA in music. He recently finished a year-long music fellowship in Java, Indonesia and followed it with a European tour conducting workshops and performing tabla for Musica Medicina in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary, Poland and Germany. He conducts bamboo music workshops with various Institutes in and around Delhi. He also does voice exercises and teaches simplistic bamboo crafting techniques to create musical instruments.

Fakeera Baanwra – founder of ‘BE’, is a certified movement therapist and psychologist. She is currently training in psychodrama, breath and voice work. The major part of her work revolves around gaps in sexuality, gender, intimacy, authenticity, judgments and conditioning we grow up with. She offers individual, group and couples sessions. She is one of the co-founders of creative movement therapy association of India  She has been teaching this work in India, Egypt and south-east Asia. Fakeera has been facilitating workshops in various international festivals in and around India.

A passion for movement and growth has drawn Chittaranjan to new directions since he was a child. A performing artist, director and choreographer, dance movement therapy facilitator and spiritual festival curator from India. Originating from a rural Odisha, Chittaranjan has 15 years of experience practicing Dance in Education’, ‘Creative Dance’ and ‘Movement Therapy’ to instill holistic growth, across India, Africa and Europe. He has directed and choreographed over 50 musical productions in India.

Being a Nritya Visharad in Odissi Dance and many years of studying different dance forms(Ballrooms, Jazz, Broadway, Chhau)he fell in love with Contact Dance Improvisation in 2015 and discovered an authentic relationship with his body. He decided to change his focus from performing to sharing his ideas in Contact Improvisation and Movement Research, Awareness, Communication and Connection.

He is one of the founders of the “Colour The Community – Developing Arts and Community Growth in Rural Kenya”.

The inspiration from nature, Shamanism, yoga, travelling and authentic human relations are a significant part of his personal journey and his teaching.

He presently works full time as “Head of Program”  at one of the world’s largest open Faith spiritual centers, Zorba The Buddha in New Delhi.

“For me an authentic body/empty body has the higher potential of growth in every individual and is the place of the joy, vibration & connection.

Nupur has worked for ten years with and for children. She’s also trained by Save the Children International secretariat on positive disciplining children and consulting children on matters related to sexual abuse, harassment or in contact with the law. Apart from this, I feel much affinity for positive life force of children. She has successfully completed her Hatha Yoga teachers’ training from ‘Isha Yoga Center’, Coimbatore and offers special yoga for children. The children yoga module is to enhance memory, focus & concentration and helps with obesity & weight management.

Samantha Wilson undertook her MFA of Fine Arts and Humanities at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland. Additionally, undertaking a semester abroad studying drawing and painting at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. The artist has received an impressive number of awards for her work at this early stage in her career, including the Royal Scottish Academy, John Kinross Scholarship to Florence and The Alexander Monroe Travel Award, best work for an artist under 30 and The Fife Decorative and Fine Arts Society Award. Her international upbringing inspires much of her work, growing up between Scotland and Portugal, where her family still resides.

Vrisbhanu Nandini Dasi was born and raised in a spiritual family. By divine arrangements, she came across the Bhakti Yoga process of Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, the process of developing love and devotion to God.

In 2013, she met a living saint, possessing all of the qualities of a loving devotee of God, SRILA BHAKTI VIJNANA BHARATI MAHARAJ OF VRINDAVAN, India. He accepted her as her disciple, enlightening her on the teachings, mantras and chants of the ancient saints and urged them to share this inspiration.

Since then, she has been engaged in distributing his Guru and Mahaprabhu’s Vani and also conducting house kirtan programs, books distribution, cow seva and Prasadam distribution.


To discuss and ponder ancient knowledge found in the Vedic scriptures. A time to consider age-old thoughts with like-minded others, and it’s relevance in modern civilization in regards to the way we think about life.


The congregational singing of the names and glories of the Supreme Lord. A revitalizing experience of music meditation to move your heart and feet resulting in peace, clarity, and serenity


Explore the Bhakti knowledge with presentations, films, upbeat discussions, dance and a whole lot of uncommon-sense! This will leave you blissful, happy and connected to the world on a deeper level. It is simple, easy and it is from the heart.

Date & Timings : 26th – 30th May, 2018 (8:30 AM – 4:45 PM)

Contact: Bobby
Phone: +91 9654324972


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