Leadership Roles

Invitation to join the conscious community

#Location Outskirts of Delhi

#Full time/ Part time.

#Managerial and Leadership Roles in Marketing, Operations, Sales, HR, Communications and Event Management.

#Position for Business Head is also open.

#Residential option available

#We will be able to offer you enough renumeration for your sustenance

Are you looking to do ‘meaningful’ work?

Are you finding material pursuits not fulfilling enough?

You are not alone.

Zorba the Buddha invites you to join the conscious community of creative and spiritual individuals.

We work to help people achieve their full potential.

We live in the high vibration energy field that helps us work on our individual growth.

We Meditate. We work on ourselves through personal development workshops.

We enjoy Zorba’s exotic organic food. When not working, we amble around in the mystical gardens.

And most of all, we connect, laugh and celebrate together.

We are a family of people with diverse interests united by the common motivation of bringing happiness to the world through programmes, therapies, events, festivals and performing arts.

Sounds inviting?

Then Apply ASAP. Email us at peace@zorbathebuddha.org

Call +91 8929014985

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