Magic of Clay : Pottery & Ceramics Classes

If pottery and working with clay interests you, then ‘The Magic of Clay’ is for you. It includes various elements of wheelwork, hand building, preparing the clay-wedging, to centering, pulling, glazing and firing.

Course Details:
Days: Tue, Thur, Sat & Sun .
Timings: 11AM – 1PM

Contact : Chittaranjan
Phone : +91 9811328334
Email :

neha_potteryTraining under the master studio potter Rachna Prasher, Neha is a well known potter based in Delhi. Participated in group shows exhibitions fairs  India habitat Centre AIFACS Swiss embassy and other fairs. She received professional training in high temperature stoneware techniques under Rachna Prasher and in low temperature glazing techniques from Andretta Pottery- Himachal Pradesh under Mansimran Singh. She has also taught Pottery and  Clay modelling at Rishi Gurukulam School in Pune.

Paint the World : Painting Classes

Come join us for our regular drawing class with Scottish artist Samantha Wilson. It is an opportunity to introduce yourself to new materials, techniques, concepts and processes essential to understanding visual arts, through a series of sketches, drawings, paintings, videos, slide presentations, class critiques and individual expression. The class will explore drawing as an art form for both those looking to start drawing for the first time or those wishing to improve their existing talents.

What will you learn?

* Life drawing both from live model and still life installations.

* Representational drawing.

* Intuitive drawing.

* Measuring techniques.

* Structure, Composition, Line, Tone.

* Expressive approaches and mixed media use.

Days: Saturday
Timings: 11AM – 1PM
Contact : Chittaranjan
Phone : +91 9811328334
Email :

samSamantha Wilson undertook her MFA of Fine Arts and Humanities at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee, Scotland. Additionally, undertaking a semester abroad studying drawing and painting at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. The artist has received an impressive number of awards for her work at this early stage in her career, including the Royal Scottish Academy, John Kinross Scholarship to Florence and The Alexander Monroe Travel Award, best work for an artist under 30 and The Fife Decorative and fine Arts Society Award. Her international upbringing inspires much of her work, growing up between Scotland and Portugal, where her family still resides.

Joy of Yoga


How do you feel about learning to start your morning with powerful sun salutations as you inhale the positivity and exhale the stress?

Through the course of these sessions, Acharya Lokesh, or  Loku,as we call him fondly, will engage you in pranayama followed by a series of asanas, before leading you into a transcendental state of awareness with the help of guided meditation. The sessions   are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Beginners will be introduced to the basics, while stalwarts will be guided to deepen their practice with the help of advanced postures.

What makes this session truly special is the personal attention he endows on each of his students, guiding them at every step of the way, and helping them refine their postures. Combined with an interactive session on proper breathing, nutrition and positive thinking, his class promises to nourish the mind, body, and soul.


Date: 7.15 AM to 8.30 AM-  1st Aug 2016 onwards (Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

Contact : Maitri
Phone : +91-9311902245
Email :


Bhakti, a certified clinical hypnotist, began her journey into body-mind healing in 1997. She has learnt from various gurus and institutions to understand how and what Yoga brings out in different people. She started her journey over fifteen years ago, learning from Swami Vidyanand, trained from the Bihar School of Yoga, whose approach towards Yoga was spiritual in nature. She then went on to learn from and practise in Sivananda Yoga Centre and Kaivalyadham, where they had a more scientific/research based approach. Today, she combines both approaches beautifully. She has been giving private and group sessions in Delhi for over eight years now.