Volunteer Enrichment Program

A Community Living Experience

The Volunteer Enrichment Program combines personal growth, work as play, and community living in a 15 / 30-day process of self-discovery.

Using meditation as a base, you will learn to enjoy work, rather than just focusing on the results.

With awareness of our actions and playfulness, work not only becomes a pleasure, but also a tool for grounding and relating.

The community acts like a mirror to look within and presents the challenge for you to deepen your processes.

Created on Osho’s vision, it is an eco-village on the lush green outskirts of New Delhi.

Zorba the Buddha offers a host of workshops, festivals, events, and performances.

Which gives the participants a chance to explore, express, and enrich their being.

The medium of communication in Zorba the Buddha campus is English with the office staff.

All programs are in English.


This program is created for anyone who wants to:

Seek an uplifting experience

Live in a loving, spiritual community

Bring more consciousness to your life, through Osho Meditations

Respect one’s uniqueness and that of others

Develop friendships with like-minded individuals

Share your passion to help people find happiness

Features & Benefits of the program:

3 hours a day, 6 days a week, of work as play.

This may include cleaning, painting, gardening, food preparation / service, laundry, preparing workshop rooms, welcome desk, showing visitors around the campus, and / or other tasks as required for the community.

You can also share any other special skills you may have such as graphic/web design, photography, IT, content creation and administration.

Participation in our daily Osho meditations in the morning, is an essential part of the program.

There will be support and guidance from Founder / Director of Zorba the Buddha.

Feedback and meeting session with the Founder will be organized as per request.

Your participation is free in our regular mini events organized by Zorba the Buddha, like Kundalini Saturdays, Drum and Dance Sundays, Osho Satsang Wednesdays, Morning Osho meditation from 6 to 7 AM, music concerts, dance performances, Or any special free events announced for you during your stay.

Three healthy vegetarian meals per day, mostly organic.

Dormitory accommodation

Your daily volunteering commitment will be 3 hours and 1 hour of participating in morning Osho meditation.


Additional benefits:

20% discount on workshops, courses, trainings and festivals.

15% discount on individual massages and therapy sessions.

20% discount on pottery classes.

Please note: On the days you participate in full day workshops/ courses/ festivals, you will not be required to work and will be considered as a program participant for the program you may enroll

You will be required to pay the program fees deducting the amount paid for your stay, meals and laundry (of that period).

This is applicable only when you are participating in a residential program.


Program Fees:

The 15 / 30-day period can begin on any date of your choice, subject to availability of the dormitory accommodation.

Deluxe Room with Single Occupancy option is also available at a different fees.

  • International participants- The contribution is 410 € for 30 days and 310 € for 15 days.
  • South Asian participants- INR 27,000 for 30 days and INR 20,250 for 15 days (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, Bhutan, Bangladesh)

With agreement, the program can be extended by paying the same amount in advance for another 30 / 15 days.

Registrations are now open.


For inquiries and registrations please contact :

Call:  Namrata- +91 93119 58347

Shreedeep- +91 97170 64387

email- love@zorbathebuddha.org