Art of Relationship

We will explore the secrets of successful relationships.

This one-day workshop will touch upon connection bonding, and closeness.

In a relationship, you give permission to yourself and another human being to see your true self and your vulnerability.

To create closeness in a relationship one needs to let go of the EGO, one needs to let go of the public self and show their “weaknesses” as well as their “strengths” with no judgments and criticism.

Through exercises, music and meditation we will explore the key elements for successful relationships and the potential hazards to the failure of the relationships.


The participants will learn specific exercises like:



Active listening

so that they could execute them in the relationships they are in.


These skills empower you to enrich all your relationships with deeper understanding and connection.

The host Zorba the Buddha abounds with tranquil gardens, reflective ponds with ducks and peacocks in a lush green setting.

Zorba the Buddha is one of the largest open-faith spiritual centers in the world that has held more than 400 events per year

How it can benefit?

  1. Enhanced Self-Understanding: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves by learning to embrace vulnerabilities and let go of ego, leading to improved self-awareness and personal growth.
  2. Improved Relationship Skills: Attendees will acquire practical techniques such as mirroring, echoing, and active listening, which can be applied to all types of relationships, fostering better communication and connection.
  3. Reduced Judgment and Conflict: The workshop encourages a non-judgmental atmosphere, enabling participants to build empathy and understanding, ultimately reducing conflicts and misunderstandings in their relationships.
  4. Thriving Connections: By exploring the secrets of thriving connections and uncovering the building blocks of successful relationships, participants will leave with the tools to cultivate more fulfilling and satisfying relationships in their lives.
  5. Personal Growth and Emotional Well-being: Through fun exercises, music, meditation, and the development of practical skills, attendees will experience personal growth and improved emotional well-being, contributing to a happier and more fulfilling life overall.


Join us for a day of growth and connection.

Together, we’ll master the art of relationships and intimacy, creating more fulfilling connections in your life.

About Dr Yaron Ziv

Yaron is a master psychotherapist & the Founder of The Israeli center for Gestalt & Creative Arts for Human Growth & Development.

He is best known in Israel for his appearances on radio and TV shows on parental skills, couple relationships and interpretation of dreams.

Yaron comes to us with a vast repertoire of experience, both academic and experiential.

He is a Psy.D In Clinical Psychology and Ph.D in Educational Psychology, a Certified Gestalt Therapist and an Author of two books: “The Group Journey”, and “Boundaries without Fear”.

Yaron created Projective Cards as a Tool to Enhance Awareness.

Program schedule:

1st October, Sunday (9:00 AM – 5:30 PM)


Enrolment Leads:

Charu: 99711 19140

Ranjana: 9717299985

Harpreet: 7307216466




7, Tropical Drive


Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road

New Delhi – 110030



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