Soul Concert – Deep Flow Meditative Bath

Avi Adir‘s ‘Deep Flow Meditation Concert’ is a transformative spiritual adventure; a journey to the Soul. In this healing inward journey, you will be guided into a state of total relaxation, which will help you retune and rebalance.

 Avi will introduce and share meditative sounds and melodies by playing a variety of world acoustic instruments. His voice in harmony with the instruments has a powerful vibration which will gently wash over your body, mind and spirit, creating a sense of peace within.

You are all invited to experience this evening of relaxed bliss.


Avi Adir – Bouzouki, Vocal, Flute

Abhinav Deodhar – Hangdrum


Self styled modern Troubadour Avi Adir, originally from Israel, a unique expressive authentic vocalist and multi instrumentalist. Travels the world, without identifying himself to a nation or country.

His music arises from the core of the heart, with emotional deep expression of ancient Sufi’s spirit and divine connection.

Avi Adir performs in concert halls, festivals, yoga and art spiritual events, sharing fusion mix of composition and improvisation in the same time. Freedom flow that touches and inspired the ordinance in their own creativity and their love to sing and dance. Each performance is a new stream unfolding in the presence moment, according to the situation and the energy in the space.

Among the instrument he plays, are the Bouzouki, Silver Flute, Bansuri, Duduk, Shakuhachi, Ney, and Harmonica.

Abhinav Deodhar, a composer and performer, is one of the handful Handpan players in India. Void of any formal musical training, his music flows entirely from the heart. Having played with artists from different cultures, the biggest driving force behind his music stems from various life experiences, devoid of fear, prejudice and entanglements.

My musical project named – Anandamide plays a Handpan , Didgeridoo and Mouth harps creating acoustic, ambient, meditative trance. Referred to as ‘ the bliss molecule’,

Anandamide was an apt name for the blissful, boundless sounds and vibrations that these instruments evoked.

Date: 20th May, 2022

Timings: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM


(Dinner Optional with Contribution)


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