International Music + Dance Performance

Feel the heartbeat of ancient rhythms as musicians transport you through time and culture on Frame Drum, kanjira, riq, rav drum & percussion.

The resonant tones of these age-old percussion instruments set the stage for a unique fusion of tradition and innovation.

A graceful dancer adds visual poetry with her delicate movements with the pulsating beats.

The synergy between the ancient drum and the contemporary dancer creates a harmonious spectacle.

This performance connects the audience to the timeless allure of music and movement.


International Artists:

Andrey Tanzu is the first percussionist in Russia, who opened and developed rare and ancient stream – music of Frame Drums. For about 15 years he has been professionally engaged in music, studied traditional techniques and styles of Egypt, Iran, Turkey, India. Andrey is also the founder of the music projects: “Groove Garden” and “SevenEight Band”. In 2017 the project “SevenEight Band” won the main nomination as the Best Eyhnic Project in Russia on the festival Russian World Music.

Cari Clavijo – artist, dancer and researcher of natural improvisation. Studies the body as a tool for spiritual development and creating expressive movement on stage.

Participant of Russian and international festivals. 2018-2019 dancer of the Kework art scene (Freiburg, Germany), participant and presenter of the New Healing Festival (Berlin), Natural High Fest, Pachamama (Finland), etc. She has a large number of solo performances with world fusion musicians, as in Russia and abroad. Organizer of visiting art retreats (Soul Dance project – Dance of the Soul). He is also the author of electronic experimental music for dance and life.


Performance with the participation of students of Andrey Tanzu:

Simeon Dobriy

Anastasia Galuk

Yuliya Zinovieva

Anna Dunaeva



Frame Drum, kanjira, riq, rav drum, percussion

Why Zorba the Buddha Concerts are unique

o   A divine oasis with lush gardens, ponds, and a vibrant community.

o   To Immerse in raw nature: witness ducks, peacocks, and our eco-village.

o   Experience powerful spiritual energy, guiding you to your inner center.

o   To dance, sway, and join the divine performances.

o   Gatherings are intimate, promoting deep connections with artists.

o   Savor optional organic meals; performances are complimentary.




February 13, Tuesday 2024

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Organic Dinner (optional)



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